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do you do weight training before or after cardio for tone and fat loss?

which one is it? before or after cardio that you do weight training like weights and situps? my boyfriend does it after because his muscles are already lose and hes tired so the situps are harder, im trying to lose the fat on my stomach and tone but ive been told different things, which one is it if you want to tone up your midsection and lose fat? before or after cardio?

25 years old.

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4 Responses to “do you do weight training before or after cardio for tone and fat loss?”

  1. eddyyy said :

    well personally i do it before…. i’ve heard its the same thing but if you do cardio before you wont get as tired as if you do it after weightlifting when your tired and trying to get out of the gym

  2. Margaret said :

    Your boyfriend has the right idea. It’s best to do cardio first to warm up your muscles and get your circulation going. Then you are less likely to injure yourself when you do the weights.

  3. Zo said :

    Try doing them on alternating days to keep your body from getting used to an everyday routine (you’ll get better and faster results). Its called muscle confusion i think.

  4. Vlad said :

    Oh, how much I understand you! But all these cardio workout programs and diets just don’t work… Reading a lot on this subject, I found out how many unproductive myths there are about how we gain and how we should lose fat! It’s amazing..

    For instance, that there is no fat loss magic to doing cardio on an empty stomach. In fact, most trainers “in-the-know” are using intervals instead of slow, boring cardio to help their clients burn fat fast. And honestly, who wants to be doing boring cardio at 6am while their stomach is rumbling? And now, it’s finally discovered that long cardio or aerobic workouts several days a week are the WORST WAY to burn fat.

    The fact is we’re burning fat all the time, even while you sit and read Yahoo Answers here. So you don’t need working out every day, but it’s just enough to do 3 short home fitness workouts per week of 45 minutes with no cardio at all…

    Maybe the greatest is the Late-Night-Eating myth… And here I too discovered that what my body usually tells me was the right thing: Going to bed hungry is one of the WORST THINGS YOU CAN DO.

    Another thing is that those crappy infomercial abs gizmos WILL NOT burn your belly fat or give you a flatter stomach and six pack abs. But you’re going to burn belly fat 5 times faster by using certain full body exercises that don’t actually target your abs at all…

    A proper permanent fat loss is about throwing away those good old myths and start doing the right thing in the most natural way. It’s called Fat Furnace; see here:


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