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Is it true that fruits and veggies helps you loss weight by cleansing fat from your body?

That’s what my dad said. He’s always like “eat more apples or oranges, it’ll help you lose weight.” does fruits and veggies help you lose weight at all?

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8 Responses to “Is it true that fruits and veggies helps you loss weight by cleansing fat from your body?”

  1. mommacrystal said :

    I don’t know about cleansing the body but fruits and veggies are negative calorie foods. Your body burns more calories digesting them than you initially consumed. Hope I helped.

  2. Jasdeep G said :

    They contain certain vitamins that are important for the body, however…they do not “cleans” the fat from the body. Instead, they’re the best solution to consume as snacks because they’re a good source of vitamins/minerals, they provide fiber(which makes you feel full longer, therefore reducing your chance of over-eating), and they’re generally low in calories and not processed at all.

  3. Fiona Y said :

    Not exactly, no, but your dad was right to encourage you to eat lots of fruit and veg as they are low in calories, high in fibre and vitamins and will fill you up and be a lot more beneficial to your skin and figure than junk food.

  4. iversonali3 said :

    Most of that hype is propaganda used to target teenagers that are feeling insecure about their weight.

    Apples are mild diuretics, so they allow you to lose “water weight”.
    Overall, fruits and vegetables are good for weight loss because they contain few calories relative to their bulk. So basically, you get a full stomach with less calories than with other food.

  5. kimberly said :

    they help have a balanced diet .water and dietary fiber can help you lose wight. also the obvious exercising. and i never heard of fruits breaking down fat. enzymes do that.

  6. Olivia L said :

    Yes because all the calories in the fruit and veggies are full or nutrients,vitamins and minerals , where as a hamburger calories are all fat. You need to eat at least 1200 calories to get enough nutrients for your body. Fruits and Veggies help clean out toxins in your body, eat alot of fiber,drink lots of water,take vitamins and exercise 30-60 minutes 4 days a week.

  7. ftongela said :

    yes it is very true it can help you out a lot in many ways that u
    can think of. if u stay with it for about a month or two. and eat bake chicken and fish and drink plenty of water with ur diet .no bread of any kind no salt.

  8. rustoria617 said :

    Yes they do. Check the link.


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