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Is it true drinking plenty of water helps aid weight loss?

I keep hearing mixed reviews..yes it does help…no it doesnt…so which is it does any one know?
Since I upped why water intake to 2-3 L per day my weight loss has increased.
Why does drinking hot water make ‘dramatic ‘ changes ? Never heard of that before

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12 Responses to “Is it true drinking plenty of water helps aid weight loss?”

  1. Stacey said:


  2. tracyhide said:

    yes–your body functions better when it’s well-lubricated AND water helps fill you up so you need fewer calories to feel full–it’s a win win situation

  3. vaneharriet said:

    Yes it is, you need water to aid the digestion process and you need it to flush the system of by products produced by losing weight. It also helps to keep hunger pangs at bay and ensures that you don’t overeat, because your tummy is already full

  4. gemmcc said:

    Yes it does help

    All foods have water in them aswel you are ment to drink 2hlf litres a day, at new yr i drank ate loads and all caus i drank 2litres of water in 2days i lost 2lb in a week i lost 5lb, now i have changed my diet and i lost 1stone in a mth cut out all coffee at 1st you will lose a good amount of weight by drinking water and eating healthy because your body will get rid of all bad toxins and water flushes al this out you will pee alot, afta a few wks your weight will stable and you’l proberly lose more either of pounds or inches weigh urself 0nce a wk same scales same time every week and also measure your body in inches and keep records

    trust me im in to my dieting and trainin and i have been taught alot my pro bodybuilders (also my fella does bodybuildin water is a brill way just to lose weight and eat healthy)

  5. kaeto said:

    yes it is true. water burns fat and washes away wastes from the also helps eliminate sodium which causes water retention that may cause you to add a few pounds to your weight

  6. Peter M said:

    Start taking Hot water you will get to see drastic changes…..

  7. Ant Boogie™ said:

    It “aids” it but it’s not going to magically burn your stored fat. That is what a properly designed diet is for. That is what lifting weights is for. That is what cardio is for.

  8. Amy said:

    I’m no expert but I think it does.
    Our brains often can’t tell the difference between hunger and thirst signals so we end up eating when our body really wants water!

    Just make sure you eat regularly and if you feel hungry between meals, have a glass of water first and see if the hunger disappears, if not then eat something healthy 🙂

    Good luck!

  9. Tank said:

    Did you notice that our body is 90% most of it is consist of water.
    Just drink 8-9 glass a day should work best as it carry out the useless toxic
    inside our body to detox it from the body.
    Useless toxic get it out our body can make healthy as the dangerous thing
    is out.
    So did you see how the water can assist your to lose weight more effective.

    Hope you find it help.

  10. Sandy said:


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  11. Kaniga said:

    Yes!!! I was also tried this. It will not reduce weight, it will only maintain the current weight.

    But nice.

  12. ravi said:

    Yes, because it’s a highly sweetened concentrate and you need plain water to recieve the full benefits. Just drink soda water or seltzer plain if you are craving fizzies.


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