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How do I lose upper body fat?

I seem to store fat on my upper body and lose weight from the lower body area only.
So when I exercise I feel like I’m just losing fat from my lower body while my upper body is still staying fat as #*&!
This is really annoying because I want to lose fat from everywhere, not just one area!!!!
Is there anything I can do to make the fat loss spread out?
SOS. Please help.


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3 Responses to “How do I lose upper body fat?”

  1. sn_cloud said :

    There is no such thing as exercises that will reduce fat in only one area of your body!! Don’t get sucked into this crap pushed by others.

    If you really must lower fat in your upper body then do cardio & start eating better. You’ll need to lower your body fat percentage which will then lower body fat all over your body.

    Genetically, some people when gaining weight seem to have some parts of their body grow bigger than others. Could be the flabby under arms, the butt, the double chin, etc… while the rest of their body looks fine. If this applies to you where you tend to store most of your fat in the upper body, then you will just need to lower your body fat percentage.

    You should also try some exercises to tone up your upper body. You’ll get more definition once the body fat gets less & less. Just some push-ups or dips will do.

  2. Monte P said :

    The physiology here is simple. When you expend more calories than you consume, your body will eventually begin to use fat for fuel. Your genetics and body makeup will determine where this fat comes from.

    Eventually, it will spread out, but it may all come from your right thigh first, then your left butt cheek.

  3. Kamal said :

    Do some heavy lower body exercises. Isometric stretching, contraction will help. Then do, squats, jumping squat, split squats, monkey jumps, star jumps, mountain climbers.
    Do them slowly without any bounce or momentum in movement. Sprint running is great.
    For lowering fat on the upper body you can do diamond hands push ups.
    Also do the reverse breathing or belly breathing exercise for 15 mins. a day. It will reduce fat all over the body.


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