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How can you measure weight loss and body fat loss?

We have a contest going at work, sort of like Biggest Loser. Six women, four of them between 154-180 lbs and two of them between 250-300 lbs. What is a fair way to make the contest without giving advantage to heavier women? If we have a set weight loss then it wouldn’t be fair because fatter people lose weight faster and easier, but if we do it as a percentage it would kind of be the same thing.
resources or ideas?

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3 Responses to “How can you measure weight loss and body fat loss?”

  1. April said :

    you can measure bmi’s
    just look up bmi on google. its what you supposed to weight depending on you height. you could do it so that whoever wins is closest to their bmi weight;_ylt=AskZrkgx_6zLC.2UJ0bmKNnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090827165529AAV8oaQ

  2. malica said :

    Body fat loss is the same problem as weight loss – those who only have a little to lose are going to have a lot worse of a time.

    Percentage of your total weight would be the best. Then someone who weighs 300lbs would have to lose 2lbs for it to be equivalent to the woman weighing 150lbs losing 1lb.

    Have you considered teams and not individual winners? A bit of competition to help motivate you is great, but having two teams of 3 means each person has 2 other people really rooting for them to lose the weight and helping them stick to it. I think % loss of weight for the whole group would even it out a bit (between the smaller and larger women trying to lose weight), and yet keep it competitive and make sure both teams have a fair chance of winning.

  3. David C said :

    Well, the easiest way is to pick up a pair of calipers and measure their body fat percentage before and after. The larger women have an advantage until they get down to where the thinner women are. I recommend the Power Systems calipers. The big ones are best and the cheapest of the lot. Instructions on how to use them are included with the purchase, which is around $20.

    Another thing you might try is the waist to hip ratio. For women it is suppose to be .85 or smaller. Measure the mid section then divide that result by the hip measurement. There that will do it.


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