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I am starting a weight loss competition in my family, whats the best way to measure progress?

I wanted to start a weight loss competition this summer in my family, but I wanted it to be fair. For example its probably easier for my 260 pound brother to lose a pound than my 160 pound mom.

So whats is the best way to compare? Should it just be percentage of mass? Should fat be considered? Should i buy a body fat analyzer? Because i guess if someone lost 10 pounds of fat and gained 3 pounds of muscle, wouldn’t that be better than someone else who just lost 9 pounds of fat?

Just curious what people’s thoughts on this are, i want it to be as fair as possible but with accurate measures of comparison.

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4 Responses to “I am starting a weight loss competition in my family, whats the best way to measure progress?”

  1. latina4life said :

    go to publix and get on the weight scale, measure your waist,hips, and legs

  2. Candice D said :

    I would definitely do % loss since the sizes vary so much. You are right, someone who is 260 pounds may find it easier to lose one pound vs. someone who is 150. Keep a chart of the loss, with the percentage, and you will have an accurate measurement.
    Good luck to you.
    What a great idea!

  3. Angela said :

    Don’t use a scale, but, use a tape measure. Since muscle weighs more than fat, it wouldn’t be fair to someone who gained muscle/lost fat as opposed to someone who just lost fat. (&, muscle takes up less space than fat…so if someone lost 5 pounds of fat, but gained 5 pounds of muscle, they would have lost some inches, but, not weight per se)

    Besides using a tape measure, base the winner on who lost the most % of inches. Start off by measuring everyone’s arm, belly, hip & thigh girth & base the % from there.

  4. mabooking7 said :

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