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How do I improve my weight loss strategy?

I’m 25 years old, 5’4″ and 120 pounds. I currently do 30 mins of walking/ running intervals 4 times a week and 30 mins of biking or the elliptical on Fridays. I do 2 days of strength training (4 lower body/ 3 upper body machines) per week. I eat between 1200-1700 calories most days (a little more on weekends)- healthy foods 90% of the time.

I want to get back to my comfortable weight which requires me to lose these last stubborn 5 pounds. I’ve heard to maintain weight it’s 30 mins of cardio per day. To lose is 45-60 mins? I also would like to start using free weights instead of machines. Any good tips/ advice? Any good workout plans?

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6 Responses to “How do I improve my weight loss strategy?”

  1. mitch said :

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  2. bahar5899 said :

    how about you cut down your calories more. i had same problem and just recently cut snacks and do more raw food. and lost 5 more pound. so go for raw food and less calorie

  3. SweetIvy said :

    The research right now says that for weight loss you need to be doing at least 60 minutes of exercise most days a week. If you are doing 30 min most days, that is only for health. 45-50 min is for maintaining current weight. Up your cardio and add more free weights. I noticed that when I worked out with weights I toned up much quicker. I also noticed that while I lost inches the weight didn’t go down too much b/c I was gaining muscle. So don’t focus too much on the scale and pay more attention to if your clothes feel looser. Trust me, doting on the scale going down is a recipe for discouragement.

  4. mesun1408 said :

    go vegan

  5. lunatic said :

    My complements on your regimen. You sound like you are the type of person who would be dedicated and focused enough to follow my advice.

    If you really want to lose those last five pounds, the best way I have found is to increase your sexual activity by 100%. Multiple partners is best but if you are dedicated to one person, you must be sure they buy in to the program and are willing and able to perform to the level necessary.

    No thanks necessary.

  6. RobsVision said :

    Shannon, I use the work-outs at AST Sports Science. They have a variety of work-out plans, that you can print out and use.

    I also incorporated STACK into my recommendations to those I have coached. The weight-loss has been unbelievable, with the average weight-loss being about a pound a day!


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