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What weight loss pill is most effective?

I know it is not the most healthy way to lose weight whatsoever.. but I am 19, 193 pounds, and very uncomfortable with my body. I have tried diet and exercise and even cut out soda for 5 months almost completely and drank water and green tea…I’ve still only lost about 20 lbs ( used to be 210). I want to be 160 or lower before summertime, and this is the only way I could do it. Which weight loss pill system would you recommendd, and how many pounds did you lose in a 3 month period?

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9 Responses to “What weight loss pill is most effective?”

  1. Rory N said :

    me and my wife using Proactol, its better than acai berry ( it worked for us ), maybe you should try it too

  2. ferry s said :

    Hi, there…..
    If you want to use diet pills are effective you must choose a diet pill that has the composition of natural and make sure you try before deciding to buy a diet pill and this will help you to get what you want and make sure you have a natural diet pill that can be pressing appetite and free from caffeine without feeling nervous. Lose weight program is part of the diet and exercise.

  3. jeet r said :

    I’ve always loved the taste of berries from blueberries to black berries to strawberries. Every morning, I have a bowl of oatmeal topped with mixed berries and sometimes sneak some as a late night snack. The great news is that the berries are pretty healthy and provide a whole set of benefits from fiber to antioxidants and a lot more! Well, these regular berries are nothing compared to acai berries, which are a true super fruit that I recently started incorporating into my diet through juices and dietary supplements.

    Berry Blast not only helps you lose weight, but is carefully formulated to give you better digestive health and more energy throughout the day. A product of the exotic Amazon, acai berries are natural wonder food that you can now take to turn fat into muscle and slow the aging process by protecting your cells.

    While you may have seen a number of diet products claiming great results, none of them can match the overall health benefits of acai and few of them are all-natural. With acai, you’re not only improving your physical condition, but providing your mind with vital Omega-3 fatty acids that scientists have long known to provide vast health benefits across the body.

    Don’t accept alternatives – lose weight and improve your health the all-natural way with Acai Berry Blast. There is a good reason why I stuck with this product, and an even better reason why all of my friends are now using it: simply, it works better than anything on the market. I recommend this product because it worked for me when dozens of others products didn’t. Try it today – you won’t regret it!

    Acai Berry Blast Benefits

    Acai Berry Blast is quite possibly the best-tasting weight loss supplement I’ve ever tried. I start off by mentioning taste because that was an initial drawback to most products I’ve tried. So, now that I’ve established a good taste, let me list the highlights of my experience with Berry Blast:

    * It works! I lost several pounds quickly
    * It continues to work: I keep the pounds off
    * My overall health level improved, at every level
    * My friends all noticed, and now they’re all trying the product
    * Easy to take capsule!
    * Enhances Sexual Desire and Performance
    * Normalizes and Regulates Cholesterol Levels
    * Improves Circulation
    * Helps Maintain Healthy Heart Function

  4. c.galloway991 said :

    di it right and fast trust me my mate done it and it worked wonders

  5. John Pham said :

    I took meridia since last few years and lost 60+ pounds with it, no side effects ever. I never face any problem with this medicine.

  6. Meridia said :

    Meridia Reductil drug is oral weight loss medication which is seriously very effective for weight reduction program. For more information visit

  7. Meridia said :

    Taking a dosage of between 15 to 37.5 milligrams of phentermine, it possible for you to quench and control your hugh appetite. After taking one of these capsules, a sign is immediately sent to your brain, bringing approximately a feeling of being filled, and a enormous diminish in your appetite. This constant feeling of being filled and a loss of appetite is nothing to be worried about, what is happening simultaneously is that your body is burning off all the unwanted pounds and eventually causing you to lose weight. Sooner than later, you will be very pleased with the results and you will probably think this is magic.

  8. Meridia said :

    I went through a couple of years of feeling nauseated a lot…most hours of the day. I found that sucking on pieces of candied ginger worked really well to erase the nausea for a period of time. It has worked well for me with motion sickness as well. True, it is candied so you’re getting some sugar.But one small piece can easily last an hour. Just keep it in your cheek like they do with chewing tobacco and give it a little chew once in awhile.

  9. wireless home intercom systems said :

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