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Would simply eating less calories than the body burns cause body fat loss?

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5 Responses to “Would simply eating less calories than the body burns cause body fat loss?”

  1. ZombieMom said :

    To some extent but mostly, your body will rob your muscles for what it needs. Eat right and exercise is the only way to go.

  2. Kaiti said :

    well in general the simple answer is yes. but to maximize weight loss you can cut out a lot of fats and sugars but leave some healthy carbs (like raw fruits and veggies) for energy and work out, you can build tone while losing weight, so u dont have sagging looking skin and loose skin and muscle cells

  3. Serene E said :

    Yes. If your BMR is say, 3000, and you eat 2000, that’s a loss of 1000 calories a day. You should lose a pound or two a week.

  4. Twinstips said :

    Yes it would but you wouldn’t end up with a healthy toned body because it would take energy from your muscles too. If you want to lose fat you need to eat less calories and exercise. More muscle tone equates to burning fat more efficiently.

  5. Joseph Chevis said :

    Eating less than the needed calories can sometimes help use up fat tissue. At the same time, if you starve the muscles,they will decrease and your body will require even less calories.


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