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i have a body mass index of 26.49 meaning im overweight and im only 15, help for loosing weight?

i eat quite healthy, but i do little exercise, i’ve obviously put on a bit of weight over christmas but that’s besides the point, can somebody give me any good ideas how to loose weight quickly?
no sarcastic answers please, thank you 🙂 x

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3 Responses to “i have a body mass index of 26.49 meaning im overweight and im only 15, help for loosing weight?”

  1. Doctor Death said :

    First up – this was copy/pasted from another of my answers to a similar question a day or two ago then edited, so apologies if certain bits of it seem less relevant.

    A good method to break yourself into jogging is the C25K programme, which combines walking and running intervals to get you from the couch to running a 5K in 8 weeks or so (see where the C25K thing comes from now?). You can of course take longer. If you find running too hard (and some heavier people do- I know it hurts my joints at times), then I would suggest working up to it by walking every day or two, a little further each time, eventually you’ll feel more prepared to try the walking/jogging intervals. Getting a bike or exercise bike is a good, low-impact alternative for burning off calories,getting the heart pumping and the lungs working. Swimming too.

    Try some bodyweight exercises to tone muscle – push ups, sit ups, chair dips, etc. Try doing a Google search on bodyweight exercises- there are loads out there, and most can be done at home with no equipment, or by improvising with what you have. Hindu squats are a killer!

    You’re trying to shift excess bodyfat and tone up muscle, so the simple steps above should work a treat for you if you put in the effort and stick to it. Don’t forget to try and eat healthy or all your hard work may be undone!

    When it comes to said healthy diet, the less processed a food is, the better. Chicken, turkey, fish are all good (just don’t bump up the calories by frying them!), lean red meat is also good. Fruit and veg are a necessity too. Drink plenty of water. Avoid sugar laden crap, leave soda alone, even the diet stuff.

    The secret to losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume, there’s no big secret. Aim for a weight loss of 2-3lb a week, no more- the slower you lose it, the more likely it is that you keep it off. Crash dieting is incredibly unhealthy.

    As for a target weight, look for a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator on google- this will give you a rough idea after you put in a couple of details.

    Finally, don’t be surprised if you put on a pound or two at first- muscle weighs more than fat, so the increase in exercise will cause your muscles to grow. You may not lose much at first (though the fat will start to drop off), but you’ll start to look and feel better very quickly.

    Stick with it, don’t try to do too much, too soon, and you WILL see results. You may hurt a little at first as muscles that have been underused for years complain at the work they’re suddenly being asked to perform. Don’t be put off – it WILL get easier, honestly. There are no magic bullets here. 🙂 Small changes can make big differences.

    I hope this helps and gives you food for thought – try gogling ‘healthy food’ or similar too- the more you learn, the better armed you will be to take control of your own diet.
    Here’s the C25K site:

    If ever you feel your motivation dropping, watch this:

  2. Harriet The Spy said :

    BMI is only a calculation! It really does not take into account any muscle tone, or activity levels. If you are feeling a bit bloated, I suggest cutting out breads – or any “white” food like flour, rice, sugar ingredients and substitute with fresh veggies and fruits with lean proteins. Stop eating foods with sugar and sugar substitutes like high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, fructose. then, bump up your activity level a bit by walking or jogging. Drink water!

  3. bird of peace said :

    Try to do some regular exercise. Any kind of activity that involves movement is better than sitting around. What you think healthy may not be that healthy. Preparing healthy food is making it from fresh and reliable sources. Any processed food adds to your weight and is bad for your health. Avoid refined carbs (grains, sugars) as much as you can, choose lean protein sources and lots of vegetables. Eat fruits separate from any other food. Try not to eat after 6/7 o’clock. Drink water.


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