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Does weight lifting cause fat loss?

I am tired of cardio

I plan to do a 5 minute walk to warm up, 20 minutes of weights and 5 minutes to warm down.
When fitter it will be 5 minute walk to warm up, 20 minutes of weights and 10 minutes to warm down.

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3 Responses to “Does weight lifting cause fat loss?”

  1. lisa said :

    you get muscle..then when you stop lifting turns into fat…

  2. gene_frequency said :

    Your plan is just fine. and, Great question, think you’ll get a lot of disagreeing answers. So, here is my *opinion*.

    Muscle mass helps to burn calories even when at rest. Starving reduces fat and muscle mass, that’s why people quickly gain fat back when they starve for wgt loss — they’ve lost the muscle mass need to keep burning carbs and calories. And worse, they usually end up fatter than before the starve. This cycle can be repeated into obesity.

    Any exercise is better than none. People hotly debate this, but it’s true. Like, even walking is better than couching it. I’ve had people tell me that walking does nothing. And I’ll say — well, what about walking 8 miles? And they’ll say, nope. Well, what about 50 miles? And you know, the arguments get ridiculous and go nowhere, cuz folks have all these ideas they got from some authority they read or met.

    If you lift weights with enough rapidity and vigor, it can become very cardio and hence fat-burning. Now, most people have not experimented like this, but the option is there. If you rest very little between sets — even when doing heavy lifts — it can be a very cardio workout. And of course, it will be strength training too. But folks living in this binary box of “well it must be either, or” — they will debate this too. 🙂

    I encourage you to research, experiment with your body and your own exercise plan, and carve out the truth for yourself on this matter.

  3. Crim Liar said :

    If you do heavy weights while you’ll not burn so many calories during the workout, you can find your body is burning more calories throughout the day because your metabolism will speed up to cope with the required muscle repair. You do have to push yourself here.

    I’d be a little concerned that your warm is a 5 minute walk, 5-15 mins of stretches and cardio would be far better. By the time you’ve finished your workout, you should be looking to cool down with maybe 5 mins of stretches and the like, you shouldn’t really have the energy for much more. If you do still have energy to burn at the end of your workout you’ve probably not been pushing hard enough.


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