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How long does it take for your body to show your fat loss?

I just recently upped my workout routine and was wondering when I would see the fat loss (assuming I am doing everthing correctly, diet, workout plan, etc) Is there some kind of delay on fat loss, or, say if you lost 1/4 pound in a day, would you actually see it?

The upped routine is 3-4x a week 30 min of weight training, and 7 days of 45 min on the eliptical. (I was going only 4 days a week doing weights 3 days and cardio all 4)
weight 323 lbs
Body fat 34.4%
22 years old

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One Response to “How long does it take for your body to show your fat loss?”

  1. Nurse Susan said :

    You can’t even see 1/4 pound weight loss on a baby.
    Think percentages. A 150 pound person who loses 15 pounds [ 10% of body weight ] is going to see it faster than a
    person who weighs 225 [ 7.5% ] or one who weighs 300
    [ 5% ]. there is definitely a delay, and only a significant accumulation of weight loss will be visible.


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