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Is it possible to gain muscle and lose fat on a low calorie diet?

Is it possible for a person with a high percentage of body fat gain muscle and lose body fat on a low calorie diet. I have been eating right and lifting weight for about 6 weeks now. I see an improvement in my strenght and people have told me i am losing wieght but i have only lost four pounds

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5 Responses to “Is it possible to gain muscle and lose fat on a low calorie diet?”

  1. Gabe said :

    Yes, they tell you that your losing weight even though its only 4 pounds because when you gain muscle it holds in what fat you have a lot better, so you look thinner. Good job

  2. ♥RC said :

    yes absolutely! keep working out and get a lot of protein!

  3. dwaynedale476 said :

    Yes, Doing aerobic exercise while weight lifting is a good way to burn the fat and get muscle. Eat a balanced diet and plenty of protein, really workout and you will gain muscle while burning your fat.

  4. mansionghost said :
  5. quality oil paintings said :

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