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im starting my work out to lose some weight, and i was wondering can i start lifting weights too?

i wanna lose a lot of weight in a matter of 3 months can i start lifting weights, because i hear that muscle burns fat. im walking everyday for and hour or so, and my diet is 3 small meals a day and im just going crazy getting diffrent advice .they tell me if i go too low in calories i wont loose weight, and if im to high in calories i wont lose nothing either can some one help. i want a fast way to lose at least 80lbs in a 3 months period some one help.

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9 Responses to “im starting my work out to lose some weight, and i was wondering can i start lifting weights too?”

  1. Underground Man said :

    80 pounds in 3 months? No way. Not going to happen.

    Here’s the thing you can’t eat too few calories, or you won’t lose weight, and if you eat too many, you’ll gain weight. Strive for the middle path. Reduce your calories to no less than 1500 a day. Lifting weights will be a great way for you to lose weight. Do that along with aerobic exercise, like walking or running. It’s will help if you can do something where you can get your heart rate up to 60-80% of the max heart rate recommended for your age.

    You want to lose slowly but steadily. Around 2 pounds max per week. If you’re losing substantially more, you’re probably losing muscle mass, too. If you try to lose 80 pounds in 3 months it will never happen, you’ll get discouraged, and give up. If you stick to a determined program for a year, you will see great progress. I just started going to a gym and eating differently, and I’ve already lost about 8 pounds this month.

  2. Dr. Robert Rice said :

    if you lift weights and bulk up, then know that you might lose weight. It’s possible to lose inches and gain weight because muscle weighs more than fat. So if you’re dieting and exercising to get rid of fat and replacing it with muscle, you might gain weight but look and feel tons better.

  3. geniusatwork15 said :

    your goal of 80 is outrageous you may wanna double your time to 6 months and yes your right muscle is good and beneficial!

  4. catalina91k said :

    yes, you should lift while trying to lose wight to replace the fat with muscle. also run lots, eat healthy!!! good luck. 80 pounds in 3 months is unreasonable tho, sorry. i would try 20-30 pounds. =)

  5. bebackhome_safe said :

    Anyone you ask will tell you that losing 80 lbs in 3 months is dangerous. I would say aim for about 30 lbs. You will still notice the difference. Also eat apples or pears or any other fruit you might like in between meals. If you have meat in your lunch, try to have vegetables instead at dinner (or vice versa). Drink water. At least 2 liters a day.

  6. PingPong said :

    first of all are you over weight? or are you just trying to lose weight because you want to become more fit? ok, so try with some small weight lifts. when you ‘ve done that for some time and gained muscle, get to more heavy weights. And calories, the miost difficult. check the nutrition facts, look at the fat and especially the calories. And remember, only lose weight if you want to, not if some one says you should. hope it helps.

  7. airgordon13 said :

    There are 3 main components to any exercise/weight loss program:

    1) Eating healthy
    2) Cardio exercise
    3) Weight training

    When you go to the gym, lift your weights first. You’ll need the energy and calories to lift those weights. Then end your workout with cardio exercise. The weight training will burn up the carbs in your system as the primary energy source and just about deplete them. The cardio exercise will then start burining the fat for energy. Your body has a pecking order for energy sources with carbs first and stored fat second. If you burn up your energy on cardio first, you will find it hard to lift the weights with any stamina.

    Every pound of muscle burns 50 calories when your body is at rest. Your goal of weight loss is good, but changing your body composition is just as important. If you weighed 200 pounds, fine, but there is a BIG difference if that weight is composed largely of fat or muscle. So, don’t get stuck on the pounds because muscle weighs more than fat.

    Hope that helps.

  8. greecevaca said :

    80 lbs in 3 months isn’t realistic… They say healthy weight loss is 1 to 2 lbs a week (sucks, no?) or up to 4 to 5 lbs a week in the beginning if you have a lot to lose. It’s true, if you eat too few or too many carbs you won’t lose weight. In terms of a diet, I recommend Weight Watchers. It counts calories, but takes into account what kind of calories you’re eating. You choose when during the day you eat, and as you lose weight, you start eating fewer calories to keep losing weight. Three small meals a day is going to actually lower your metabolism because your body thinks it’s starving. Your better off with five small meals a day, so that just when your body thinks it needs to slow down and conserve energy, you’re eating more food so it speeds your metabolism up. DEFINITELY start lifting weights. Not only does the act of weight lifting burn some calories, but every pound of muscle you add burns an extra 50 calories a day doing nothing. KEEP IN MIND: Do NOT exercise the same muscles two days in a row, it will actually hurt your progress. Weight lifting rips the muscles and it is your body repairing the muscles that makes you feel sore the next day and is what builds the muscle up. If you exercise the same muscle two days in a row, you’re ripping a ripped muscle and you won’t be able to do as much on day two. Either exercise different muscle groups every other day, or exercise everything every other day. Cardio you can (and should) do every day of the week.You may not see the lbs go down as fast (b/c muscle weighs more than fat) but you’ll see the inches go and that’s how you know you’re burning fat. If you want to speed up the weight loss a little, you may try adding a colon cleanse. They rid your body of toxins and push all the built up crap out of your intestines. People can carry upwards of 10 lbs of dead weight in their intestines that’s nearly impossible to get rid of through regular methods. I’m trying Colonix, can’t tell you how good it is or not yet, but I’m hoping it’s as good as their customer reviews say. Good luck!

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