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How to gain muscle without protein shake ?

I recently started to going gym.I try lifting weight to gain more weight.I feel my diet is not having much protein as I need to make good muscle mass. I want to increase my muscle mass with natural raw vegetarian food. NOT EVEN PROTEIN SHAKE. I want a perfect vegetarian diet for increasing my weight as much as fast as possible. The diet can Include eggs too. So please help me if u can.

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5 Responses to “How to gain muscle without protein shake ?”

  1. Rock said :

    if your vegetarian it will be hard to get muscle. eat beans nuts, eggs.

    i don’t take protein shakes too i find them unnecessary

  2. jeffach said :

    You dont need protein shakes, you just need to make sure that your eating enough protein. You wanna gain muscle, aim for about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight daily. Although without meat your protein sources are limited.

    raw nuts
    lots of natural peanut butter
    soy products ( although soy has been proven to increase estrogen levels in men, so just bare that in mind)

  3. Stephen said :

    Alright my man,

    If meats/poultry/fish are not in your interest for vegan purposes than I have a perfect diet for you. First, you must supplement all of those vitamins and minerals you are not getting from that meat.

    Try to get around 4 meals with good fats.
    All meals should have around 30-50 grams protein.
    All meals should have around 40-70 grams carbs. Except the one before bed. This increases the chance of some of it turning into fat.

    Something to this extent:
    7:00-Meal-100-200 Calories of Egg Whites/1 Whole Egg, 1 cup Oatmeal, Fruit, Multivitamin, Omega-3
    12:00-Meal-Cottage Cheese/Yogurt, Almonds/Pecans/Walnuts, 1 cup veggies
    6:00-Meal-Almonds/Pecans/Walnuts, 1 cup veggies

    Postworkout-If you want to gain muscle than you have to have around 40 grams of protein directly after your workout with a 50/50 mix of Maltodextin and Dextrose sugars (around 20 grams of each).

    O, and drink around a gallon of water a day to cleanse and purify the acids in the body. It also clears up you’re skin and makes you feel better.

    You NEED!

    Fats (Good Ones)-Around 60-80 grams daily
    Peanut Butter
    Almonds, Walnuts, and Pecans
    Olive Oil

    Carbs-Based on a 150lb person-Around 250+ grams daily
    Oatmeal/Good Cereals/Whole Grain Breads (not that much though if you want a 6-pack)
    Fruit (apples and bananas are the best for lean muscle)
    Veggies(California Mix works great)

    Protein-Based on a 150lb person-Around 150-200 grams daily
    Egg Whites/Eggs
    Skim Milk (Not more than 1-2 cups daily)/Cottage Cheese/Yogurt
    Kidney Beans
    Salmon/Tuna (If you can, please atleast try them. Meats and Fish are the basis for a healthy and muscular body. If Lean Red Meats scare you, fish shouldn’t.)

    Supplements to consider:
    or Nothing at all(People are always looking for a special mixing ingredient. Honestly, the missing ingredient is usually will power and the correct workout/meal plan. TRUTH)

  4. Baz Marlow said :


    So do you not want protein shakes because they are not vegetarian or because you just consider that unnatural per say?

    If it is the first not all proteins come from animals. Yes whey protein comes from cows milk but you could also get a soy protein supplement or casein protein. Casein is found in eggs so you could get that.

    If not your looking at egg white milkshakes my friend 🙂

  5. drxercise said :

    I am currently consuming about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. I eat a tone of beef, eggs, chicken and fish. Eating Vegan will make it very difficult to add serious muscle mass, as protein is the building blocks of muscle.

    Maybe you can add whey protein to your diet??


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