How should I work out to gain muscle tone (read extra info)?

I want to gain muscle tone, but I dont know how to work out. I know low weight high rep and low weight, and to swich it up, but should i work the same muscles day after day, or should I work out like upper body one day, and lower the next day?

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6 Responses to “How should I work out to gain muscle tone (read extra info)?”

  1. Nate said:

    Yeah, if you REALLY work something you’ll feel big lactic acid build ups initially, and you won’t really be able to work it two days in a row. I mean there are some things you can work every day, but it’s good to have a circuit.

    Protein supplements help!

  2. bulldogs75_2010 said:

    do a bunch of different lifts. mostly squat, bench, jammer, and cleans.

    or dig holes. you would not believe how many muscles you use while digging. look up the pictures of grave diggers. they are insanely huge

  3. Katrina R said:

    Actually low weight high rep is wrong. You have to push your muscles in order to gain muscles. But don’t push them too far… The best way to determine what weight you should start with is to keep on pushing up the weights until you find one that is challenging and you feel like you would be able to do it up to 8 times. I do 3 sets of 8 reps with the most challenging weight, then I do a set with no weights. I just do my full body in 1 day, then immediately after I mix whey protein isolate with water and drink it. However, you could also do lower body 1 day then upper body next, its whichever way you like best. As long as you dont lift weights when your muscles are sore, because then you’re just wasting time and are also damaging your muscles that are trying to repair themselves.

  4. John The Fitness Trainer said:

    Try the Fat X Workout and Diet Program. It’s great for losing fat, getting fit and toned. The workout videos are free on the Fat X 101 blog. You can also get a personal trainer or join a boot camp.

  5. Dale said:

    they say to give the certain muscle a day of, but i workout my biceps six days a week and gice it a day off and that works for me, just make sure you take in protein because it puts stress on the body without it

  6. GodFather said:

    Hey Stephan,
    You have the right idea for muscle tone, low weight and high reps, but it is also important to give your muscles some rest between workouts, at least wait a day in between working the same muscles. I still like to go every other day between weights and cardio, some people like to work various muscles groups at one time per week.
    I also take a protein smoothie to help fuel my muscles, if you take a smoothie make sure to take it within 30 min of your workout for best results.
    I get my protein from the link below, they have a forum page with some great smoothie recipes and some good workout discussions. Check it out.


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