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will my diet plan help me lose weight?

im thinking of eating nothing all day then having about a half of my dinner ?
drinking nothing but diet soda also.

i am 125lbs and 5ft 4.
how much weight will i lose in a month?

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7 Responses to “will my diet plan help me lose weight?”

  1. lola987 said :

    No it will not, your body will think it is a famine and your metabolism will slow, then when you start eating again the weight will pile on. Eat small meals four times a day. In each meal make sure there is fruit, carbohydrate and protein, and veg with dinner and tea.

  2. Rpappi said :

    i hope this is a joke.

    eat 6 meals a day. and exercise 3-5 times a week with some weight training in there. the more muscles the more calories you burn. the more calories you burn the more weight you lose.

    i would not go below 1300 calroies a day. spread evenly through out the day. and exercise.

  3. Shannon P said :

    Hopefully this is NOT a serious question BUT if it is then here is my answer…

    That is 100% unhealthy. You need to eat throughout the day. If nothing else it could really mess with your blood sugar. The best way it to eat HEALTHY and get activity in every day even if it is just walking. Calories in/carories out. Diet soda is one of the worst things you could drink. Water is the best. If you don’t like plain water, add something like Crystal Lite to it. They have many flavors.

    If you decide to do what you have described then I am sure you will lose about 10 lbs (probably at most). I will tell you that when that month is over and you start eating ANYTHING, even just a little bit more, you will gain it back.

  4. Miss Mouse said :

    That is a starvation plan. You will initially lose between 5 and 10 pounds, and then, in a couple weeks (like say, two) when your metabolism shuts down because your body believes you are starving to death (and you are), you will gain that 10 pounds back and then several more, as quickly as your body can convert your “half dinner” into fat.

    You are better off doing research into how the body works, and going for long term positive results through diet, proper nutrition, and exercise.

  5. Mother and Father of two said :

    when you don’tt eat properly your body stores fat so make sure you have 3 squared meals a day. i tried slimming world about 1 year ago and lost over a stone and ate loads. i have enclosed the web site address below.

  6. R0CK MUSiiC GiiRL said :

    **dont drink diet soda, drink water

    well if you want to loose weight…

    TODAY: eat what you normally would and count the calories.

    write down on paper how many calories you ate.

    EX. lets say you ate 3,000 calories today.
    then for 4 weeks you eat 1,000 calories a day.

    you will loose: 16lbs in 1month (4lbs a week)

    Email me at [email protected] to see how much you can loose 🙂

    with how many calories you normally eat in 1 day.

    then tell me how much weight you want to loose in 1month.

    then i will tell you how many calories you need to cut down

    eassyy as thatt!!!

  7. fatloss4life said :

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