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Is this diet going to help me lose weight?

This is what I am planning on eating

Breakfast – Cheerios (plain ones) with a banana.
Lunch – Wholemeal bread with low fat margarine and chicken breast.
Snack – 2 Portions of raw vegetables
Dinner – Chicken breast with 2 portions of vegetables.
Desert -Apple

Is this going to help me lose weight, anything I should change. Anything that is better?

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6 Responses to “Is this diet going to help me lose weight?”

  1. Rachel J said :

    As far as diets go that’s a pretty healthy one – although I would add a bit to your dinner there. Perhaps a wholegrain bread roll or something.

    Apples tend to speed up food digestion and you don’t want to be too hungry a couple hours later! 🙂

    Either that or add in some low fat yoghurt as an evening snack.

  2. Matthew said :

    do plenty of exercise,

    food choose is ok

  3. suefitz77 said :

    I think that sounds good.
    But you should change it around a bit each day, ie have some fish (Not oily) You can have red meat to but make sure you cut out the fat. You should also allow yourself a small treat, if you deny yourself that would not be good.
    Good luck

  4. That hammy said :

    Add some more dairy, for example some low-fat yogurt for your desert.
    Also, for your snack, try 1 portion of vegetables and 1 of fruit.

    Oh, and don’t forget to balance your food and exercise, (lol) so don’t lie around on the couch all day. Try doing some house work, or, now that the weather’s warm, try some jogging outside.

    Good luck! :]

  5. Samuel said :

    eat less and exercise more

    eat half of what you eat

    do 30 minutes of walking daily…

  6. Ystudywhenthey said :

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