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Im am going on a liquid diet to lose weight fast. Any tips & such?

I am going to be on a liquid diet & walk a lot to lose weight fast! I hear it works good & it’s safe, I read somewhere some one lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks! Any tips or anything to help please?

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3 Responses to “Im am going on a liquid diet to lose weight fast. Any tips & such?”

  1. darlene r said :

    fast weight loss will lead to gaining the weight back plus more. just eat healthy and get out for long walks. no junk food

  2. Kristi said :

    no, dont do it! liquid diets are sooo unhealthy! if you wanna lose weight the healthy way, just eat healthy & exercise. dont use extreme diets like that

  3. Meagan said :

    One of the most powerful diet pills on the market is the Acai Berry. It has amazing vitamins and anti-oxidents and is even considered a super food. It is so amazing that it has been featured on Oprah and 60 minutes. When used in conjunction with the proper diet and exercise, people have lost over 40lbs in a matter of weeks.


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