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How long for cat to lose some weight on new diet?

My cat weighs 16 pounds. She is a small cat and the vet said that it is crucial that she lose weight. His advice was to just feed her only twice a day, am and pm. She eats a weight management dry food and I measure a bit under 1/4 of a cup each feeding. The vet said that an average house cat eats about a half a cup a day so I should feed her just a hair less.

How long until I see results with her?
she is on a new food…a prescription, ristricted calorie, dry food that I buy from the vets office. Not a crappy food from the store.

I also know the dry food/wet food argument, I dont need to hear it again. Has nothing to do with my question.

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6 Responses to “How long for cat to lose some weight on new diet?”

  1. KimbeeJ said :

    We recommend weighing every 2-4 weeks to see if you are making progress. If not, you can cut back a little bit more. Feeding her several smaller meals is preferable than 2 big meals as it will help her to feel full. Just split the food into small portions. You can try to increase her activity a bit by playing with her. Lots of overweight cats are real couch potatoes!

  2. CF_ said :

    “The vet said that an average house cat eats about a half a cup a day so I should feed her just a hair less.”

    that isnt exactly true

    it depends on the quality of the food

    low quality food = the cat needs to eat more

    better quality food = the cat will eat less because their nutritional needs are met

    cats are TRUE carnivours – most cat foods use too much filler (corn) so a cat needs to eat alot of food to get to a meat source, some foods are so crappy they dont even have a decent meat source (by-products are beaks feet and feathers)

    so what your vet said isnt true – because if you feed a food with Chicken Meal as #1 ingredient – the “average cat” would be satisfied earlier…

    vets often dont receive any education on food or ingredients or brands – often reccomending crappy foods (like Science Diet – becuase they are PAID to)

    offer your cat honey suckle toys to increase activity..

  3. Jane D said :

    You want her to lose the weight fairly slowly so as not to cause other health problems. It’s taken us about a year to get our cat’s weight down about 3#s by feeding less of a low-cal food. Exercise will help the weight loss – get her chasing a feather or going after a catnip mouse to burn some extra calories.

  4. Orion said :

    Unfortunately it can take quite a bit of time for a house cat to lose weight because they aren’t outside hunting and running about. Try getting a feather on a stick, laser pointer and roll up some foil and play with her. The more active you can get her the easier it will be for her to loose. Just like humans it’s hard for them to loose once they put it on particularly if the cat’s fixed.

  5. old cat lady said :

    Dry food is not going to take weight off your cat. It is still full of carbohydrates and that is what is fattening for a cat.

    Go to : and read their excellent article on feline obesity. At Dr. Jean Hovfe has an article of Feline Obesity and one titled “The Right Weight Loss Program for Cats!”.

    It takes a long time to overcome the problem and you should not be worried that it doesn’t happen right away. After six months of the right diet you will notice she is much trimmer and it will continue for another six months to lose several pounds. That’s the best way to go.

    Don’t make your cat suffer by reducing the amount of food that has made her fat in the first place. A human doesn’t diet by eating one piece of chocolate cake a day instead of two – wholesome and nutritionally satisfying food is the key.

  6. Kimmie said :

    Follow your vets advice about the amount of food offered. After one month, weigh the cat and see if any progress is made. If not, cut back on the food again, as kitty is still eating too many calories. Your kitty shouldn’t lose more than half a pound per month as this is hard on their vital organs.
    Good Luck


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