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How do you get a cat to lose weight?

I need my cat to lose weight, because my parents and myself are such softies. We feed our cat whenever she wants to be fed. She’s like 22 pounds, and I’ve been concerned on making her lose weight, but I don’t really know how. See, I still want her to eat when she wants to be fed, and I can’t change her food. (We give her dry and wet food, but dry food only in the morning. The dry food is weight control food that she loves.

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18 Responses to “How do you get a cat to lose weight?”

  1. summerperson4life said :

    put her on a diet i don’t mean a starvation diet but like only give her 3 servings of food a day! and play with her a lot

  2. Steffy said :

    stop feeding it so much. Put your cat on a diet one cup of food in the morning and one at night no snacks.

  3. Caitlin M said :

    Special diets reccomended by vets, and walking your cat can help.

    But if your cat has a thyroid problem it may be alot harder to lose weight. I own a 27 pound cat and have tried everything, but she never lost an ounce, because she has a thyroid problem, so check with your vet to see whats best.

    Hope i helped! 🙂

  4. Katharine said :

    reduce the food

  5. Andrea O said :

    Same way as humans. Feed her less. It’s a bad idea to feed on demand, although I know some cats prefer that, but it means she’s snacking all the time, never really gets hungry, and is just topping up. Are you sure about the 22lbs? That is really a huge weight. I would consult the vet about it too. You are doing the cat no favours by being a softie. In fact, you are running the risk of shortening her life considerably.

  6. ponygirl said :

    Get your Vet’s advice as they know your cats medical history.I would play with the cat and get it moving and please don’t overfeed it.It will take time but it’s better for the cat not to be too heavy. Good luck!

  7. Rocking_Solo said :

    Give her less food. Also , I think you should actually feed her on certian times. You could talk to a vet about this and see what they think. Their idea’s probably best

  8. richardbrendawalsh said :

    You must controll portions period. Caution; many obese cats, if they go off feed, can develop liver problems that can be hard to correct. So they must continue to eat something. However, at that weight, the cat is a candidate for diabetes, and fatty liver, and hepatic lipodosis, to name a few. Have your vet help you set up a plan. Dr.W

  9. Patrick C said :


  10. Jennifer G said :

    i, too, have a 20 lb cat. had to put him on a diet. consult your vet though because reducing a cat’s caloric intake too drastically can cause serious health problems. not addressing the weight issue can lead to cat diabetes.

  11. , said :

    put her on a diet, it depends on how old your cat is, most cat foods will have a recomended daily amount on it cut the amount of food you give her down slowly to that amount and dont let her snack from your plates. This will bring her weight down into controll, also try and give her lots of excersise since this will help her thin quicker. Weight-controll foods are good, if you cut out the wet food and just feed her weight controlling dry foods to the instructions she should go down in weight.

  12. Nancy said :

    l would recommend you give her the wet food in the am and a bowl of dry food and water all the rest of the day, give her some excercise daily, play chase the mouse, or buy some toys to stimulate her, the cold outside air should get her running if you have a balcony she can sit on and then run arounf the house….Nancy

  13. Dufus123 said :

    I have a cat and if I fed her every time she wanted me to she would weigh 22 or more. Sounds like your cat has you trained to feed it when it wants you to. You have to go by the feeding instructions on the cat food label. Stick to them. I know it’s hard but don’t feed it anymore. Limit the cat to those feeding instructions and if it still does not loose weight she may have several health problems. I would take your cat to the vet and let them do test on it. I feed my cat only once a day and leave a little bit of dry food and when she eats it that’s it for the day. Your cat will adjust to you only feeding it once. Cats and Dogs have slower digestive systems and only need to be fed once a day.

  14. anahifan said :

    what you can do is give her 3 servings like everyone should be doing and make her exercise example play with her make her run.

  15. Kagomey said :

    Give her more exercise and less good.

  16. Caitlin P said :

    You really shouldn’t make any drastic changes to your cat’s diet without consulting a vet. If a cat suddenly stops eating, or has its intake dramatically reduced, it may develop a serious and possibly fatal condition called hepatic lipidosis (aka fatty liver). The best advice anyone can give is to ask your vet for a diet plan.

    You should be able to gradually reduce your cat’s intake without serious consequence, however. What is her feeding schedule like now? If you free feed (leave kibble out for her to eat whenever) stop, there is no way for you to really control her intake if she can munch down extra food whenever she wants. If she’s fed 3 times a day, keep feeding her 3 times a day, just feed her a little less at each meal, gradually reducing the food to about 1.5 oz at each meal. Realize that your cat is much smaller than a human and has a different metabolism; an adult cat really only needs around 240 calories per day, which depending on the food you feed her (dry food is generally more dense in calories than is wet), means about 3-6 oz of food each day. Try to designate specific times for eating, and after awhile, phase out one feeding period so shes only eats twice a day.

  17. lolabunny1190 said :

    I have five cats what you need to do is feed the cat once a day. Maybe find a dry food that is weight controled. Don’t have to though. But best results come faster. You also need to make the wet food a treat. Don’t give the cat one every day make it a once a week thing. Also play with the cat a lot the running around will also help burn off some of the weight.

  18. Debbi U said :

    My vet has had me put my overweight cat on a diet as well. He’s about 18 lbs – down 0.9 since last year, but not good enough. I feed him approx. 1 cup of reduced calorie food (natural balance) per day and I don’t leave it out all the time. It’s only put out for him 2 to 3 times a day. Also, you just need to get her to exercise more – get a laser pen light, a fishing line feather toy, anything to get her moving. Best of luck.


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