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How can I get my 10 year old to lose some weight?

My son is not terribly overweight, as in he’s not obese, however, he is near the top of the weight chart for his age. He doesn’t eat hardly any junk food, he is active, plays baseball, rides bikes, skateboards, runs. I don’t buy fast food just because I simply can not afford it, except for maybe once every other month or sometimes even longer. I don’t want to put him on a “diet” or at least not tell him he’s on one. He is self consious about his stomach. I just don’t want him to get to the point of where his weight interfers with stuff every 10 year should be doing. His doctor hasn’t said anything about it. Although I have just very recently (as of last week) switched doctors. I’m more concerned with his overall health status and overall well being.
I wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful answers.

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25 Responses to “How can I get my 10 year old to lose some weight?”

  1. Sophist said :

    Maybe he really isn’t all that fat–you just see him as that way out of a fear that he may turn out that way ultimately. If his doctor says nothing, and he is active, and you give him healthy foods, then stop worrying about it. He will probably thin out in puberty anyway–a lot of boys are kinda chubby at that age.

  2. jessigirl00781 said :

    Good for you but there is something. Look in your cabinets. Beef, soda and other un natural foods can help you gain weight- no matter how much you exercise. Try giving him all natural foods.

  3. thomasrobinsonantonio said :

    If he is active as you say, he will burn it off himself. Stop worrying and relax. Just cut down on fat……………….

  4. alexloureiro2000 said :

    Do with him a herbalife program.

  5. wonderwomen said :

    hes ten. Hes soon to have a growth spur all that weight we settle in the right places. he seems to have an OK diet and he does get involved in sports so just monitor him for the next two years of his life. and that good that you switched doctors. talk it over with him.

  6. Maestro said :

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about it, he’s not done growing…i’m sure as he continues to grow, it’ll balance everything, so his weight will be proportionate to his height

  7. M said :

    If your concerned about his health, talk to a doctor. If your concerned about his appearance, shame on you! Unless he feels bad about the way he looks, let him be a kid. He might grow out of it. Dont go give your child a complex. Talk to a doctor first!

  8. keels500 said :

    Sit ups will help hip lose his stomach. He may not eat a lot of junk but sugar is a big cause for child hood obesity.

  9. PAwatcher said :

    This isn’t about a boys diet, but his self image. As long as he’s healthy, active, using good hygiene and tending to his studies you may want to look into ways to help him improve his self image. There’s plenty to literature about this or ask your Doctor. Good luck and hope you son overcomes this problem.

  10. JenefaJean said :

    Some people are just naturally bigger, and at 10 years old, it’s not a really big deal. If he feels self-conscious like you said, however, there are a couple things you can do. Try to make dishes that consist mainly of fruits and vegetables and chicken rather than red meat and potatoes. You can also limit bread and white flour consumption, replacing it instead with whole grains, nuts and beans. Since he is a child and not fully grown, you still want to have diet that is high in protein in order for him to remain healthy. No malnutrition here. And have him eat a lot of dairy, especially milk and cheeses.

  11. junebug078 said :

    Well, I would talk to the new dr. first of all. You’re definitely on the mright track–not making him aware of the weight issue. What about his phys. ed. teacher? Does he do any sports? I know they are all very expensive, I have a 9 year old who still has not played on any “team” yet, and I feel like the worst mother in the world! But, I wish you luck, sorry I’m re-reading your ? and I see he does do sports. Thats great and try not to worry too much, he has a lot of growing time left.

  12. coyote said :

    If hes as active as you say maybe alot of his weight is muscle …muscle weighs more than fat. If hes got a “pudgebelly” that could be just “baby fat” alot of kids have that…..its normal. They will usually lose that little extra poundage in thier tummys by 13-14 as they get taller. If you are still concearned you can try getting him to be even MORE active and feed less carbs like breads and cereal. Id even lighten up on fruit and offer more fresh veggies without dip. You can offer peanut butter for carrots or celery though just stay away from thing slike ranch and blue cheese.

  13. Tracy Z said :

    Don’t worry if he isnt terribly over weight or obese, if it’s not affecting his everyday life then leave it be..If you say something to him at his age it can really mess with his emotions.. He’s active hardly eats junk food.. At 10 years old he still has baby fat
    he will grow out of it..

  14. pknutson_sws said :

    Make sure he is drinking more water than you think he needs and also offer healthy food every two hours instead of 3 meals a day.

    Also, he may not be as active as you think he is…if he has video games, I highly recommend getting him DDR…the excercise from that alone is awesome!

    My nephew was the exact same way, and stayed that way until he was about 14. He started doing exactly what I mentioned above and he is now trim and muscular. In fact, at 16 he got a modeling job! (He’s now 18)

  15. Papeversomniferum said :

    Make him put the video games down and send him outside to play.

    SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS… They are vital for a boy his age.

  16. ok4utonv said :

    First of all you’ve been letting the media get to you. Your son is only 10 years old and if you have him worrying about his weight then he’s going to develop bigger issues when he gets older. It can also lead to dangerous things and I know you don’t want to put your son through that.
    Just knowing that he’s pretty active should suffice for you. If he’s playing all the sports you mentioned that just means he’s probably gaining muscle tone and you will pick up weight because of it.
    Just make sure he stays as active as he possibly can. Getting rid of the videos and computer and letting him go out and play should be a great starter. Believe me, I’m not trying to lecture you on how to raise your son but you shouldn’t be concerned about his weight if he’s not doing anything to jeopardize it. He’s a kid. Let him be a kid and stop letting the media get to you about children and their weight. My goodness…I’m glad I didn’t go through that when I was younger. The world wasn’t so obsessed about children’s weight like they are now and letting that get to you is going to put a damper on you and your son’s relationship and I know you don’t want that.

  17. *October Girl* said :

    I had that happen to me when I was ten. I was underweight for a couple years before it, then after a couple quarters at school, the kids were giving me their cookies at lunch and I got chubby. When I stopped eating their cookies at lunch, I got really skinny again. Check and see if he’s eating stuff you don’t know about.

  18. bubba said :

    Just learn to love him as he is. If he senses that you are self conscious about his weight or his tummy then he will be too. I know you mean well, but at 10 years old he’s still growing and as he gets taller it could all just even out. It doesn’t sound as if he is indulging in anything bad for him or forming negative habits.
    Try this. In the evening, after dinner, when the day is winding down, ask him to go for a walk with you. Use the time not only for exercise that you both need but to give him a chance to open up to you. Good Luck.

  19. taryn3piper said :

    if you are conerned about his weight, why not give him more vegetables you can do this discretly by mashing it up and mixing it with potatoes for example. my son would refuse to eat veg until i tried this method and now he eats them with no prob….
    sounds like he is having enough exercise so maybe it is his metabilism that is making him be overweight…

  20. JENNIFER B said :

    You should have his body fat measured. This can be done at the gym, nutritionists office or at the doctors. Larger muscle mass weighs more sometimes fooling those “weight charts” Don’t let your son know that you are concerned about his weight. He will only develop a complex about it. Try involving the family regular activities everyday. Taking a walk after dinner, riding bikes together, danciing in the living room. Encourage him to be active in after school sports or enroll him in a martial arts class.

  21. Laurie K said :

    Don’t be too concerned over his weight. If he’s an active, healthy child, it will balance out in the long run. Continue to serve healthy foods to your family and perhaps take a walk after dinner. It helps aid digestion instead of sitting down in front of the TV. If you are still concerned, start exercising yourself, sit-ups, leg lifts,etc., and try to encourage your son to join you so that “mom has a little extra encouragement” and might make it more fun for him that way.

  22. chibi_sylphe said :

    It’s true that being overweight can be future health problem coming up and you should start and be careful early. However, something doesn’t feel right, here. You and your son seem to have taken everything in consideration to eat healthy and do exercice… Why isn’t he loosing weight? Maybe his portions are too big or maybe what you consider healthy food isn’t really healthy : Not only junk-food is unhealthy. Eating too much bread type food can be a problem, for exemple. You should make make a list of what he actually eat and bring it to a doctor to make sure everything is ok in there.

  23. shorty said :

    This child that I watch at a day care center. He is two years old and he is at the top of his weight. He is trying to grow but he is getting wider. The mom took him to the doctor and the doctor told the mom to cut down on the food. He eats fruit and yogurt for lunch. I don’t know what they feed him for breakfast and dinner but I would cut down on your son’s meals. It good that he is very active and that you hardly feed him junk food. How does your son feel about his weight? Does it bother you more or your son? Maybe you should see whether it worth going on a diet. What did your new doctor tell you to do?

  24. xxshannon489x said :

    well if his doctor isn’t saying anything about your son’s weight you shouldn’t be too worried about it. however i don’t think that there is anything you can do and i don’t think that you would want to give the hint that hes overweight because he is only ten years old. Then again if anyone ever tries to make fun of him he can stick up for himself and be tough instead of a wimp.

  25. Love said :

    Without a chance to skim the 20 answers here already, where you may have gotten good advice, my first reaction is if he is not obese and within the weight chart for his age (even if at the top), he is active, and he does not eat junk food or sit and play video games all day, what is your exact concern? As for his own self-consciousness, this is understandable, ten is the age kids start to change and notice others’ changes, not always in the nicest of ways… If he is active and participates in sports and plays with friends this awkward stage should pass, both with his stomach and with his own self-perception around the other kids… No a diet or anything to make him feel different or bad could be the worst thing to do… If he is not in any medical danger just encourage his continued activities with his friends and male father figures or role models – You never know with boys, any day now he could be spurting up half a foot a year and eating everything in sight and not gaining an ounce out of proportion… the main thing is that you and your family do not make him feel self conscious at this age, and encourage a healthy attitude. Some young men don’t lose their baby fat until after 18 – I barely recognized my friend’s younger brother in his wedding picture, and he was not obese either, but much rounder looking than the tall slim man I saw today. Peace and Love-


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