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What is the best supplement to help lose weight quickly?

I am trying desperately to lose weight. I’m 18 and have struggled with weight all my life. I would love to lose about 130 and need to do so in order to be healty. I have tried every diet in the past from low carb, to low cal and fat. I do not eat much and gain a lot more weight than what I take in. I am one string from giving up and I am desperate. I am going to give another try to weight loss and this time I am planning to use a supplement to assist me. I am also considering doing the hollywood diet on the weekends to help. I went to the store and seen all of the different supplements and just really don’t know what is best. If you could help me I would really appreciate it.

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6 Responses to “What is the best supplement to help lose weight quickly?”

  1. Ry said :

    honestly no supplement out there is going to work without proper exercise and a balance diet.

    to start off with focus on cardiovascular work. 3 – 4 days a week of treadmill, bike, stairmaster, etc.. work for 30 45 min and always go for time rather than intensity (meaning lower down the level inorder to complete your time if you have too)

    I hope this helps. I’d do this for at least 1 month before starting weight training. when a months up ask again 🙂

  2. hrrypttr3 said :

    Well, yeah you have to right food and if you have run machine in home then you can do that for everyday and a lot exercise. I know that is a lot difficult for you.

  3. MANDY said :

    stress / a lot of sex / less food

  4. surfingturtle18 said :

    Do you like walking? It is essential to eat right but also to exercise. If not walking, maybe an exercise video you can do in private. It will give you energy, which boosts your metabolism, which helps you lose weight. Bottom Line: MOVE and HAVE FUN!

  5. joestuffatsnetnet said :

    diet and exercise is the only way to go. don’t do supplements, it’s a waste of money. learn about the food you eat to help you lose weight and find out what your calorie intake should be for your goal. if you lose weight fast, it just comes back. Good luck & stick to your diet and exercise plan.

  6. bellahoney said :

    well all the diet supplements don’t work first of all don’t go on a diet just eat healthy watch the excerise channel probaly if u could afford it get a personal trainer or go 2 the gym and make a membership and I thing 18 is 2 youn 2 lose that much weight don’t b self conscious and it depends how much u weigh don’t try 2 b like those hollywood people and starve ur self its not worth it look at Hilary Duff looks like they sucked the life out of her she used 2 b pretty and her weight was fine but it wasn’t perfect 4 her and she ended up in the hospital u could lose ur life over just tryin 2 b 2 skinny belive don’t waste ur money on supplements they just try 2 get ur money some celebrities lose weight the rite way try it 2 waste ur life ur 2 young I’m 11 years old I’m not worryin about it


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