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How much weight did you lose on the 2 week special K diet?

Its my first day on the special K diet plan, just wanted to know how it worked for you and how much weight you lost on it x

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6 Responses to “How much weight did you lose on the 2 week special K diet?”

  1. Well i Never! said :

    my honest opinion is dont bother…you will lose about 3 lbs a week, however, once you start eating your normal diet again it will creep back on. go on a properly calorie controlled diet and change the way you eat and exercise is the most important thing. I lost 2 stone in a year and have kept it all off for 8 months without going a pound over at any time

  2. music_literature_freak said :

    I lost seventeen pounds in six weeks on the Special K diet, but as soon as I went back to eating regular food, I gained it all back. The Special K plan is only a temporary fix; if you want to lose weight for good, you need to make changes in your lifestyle.

  3. SarahLou said :

    I put on 2 pounds and I felt sick and hungry the whole time. Best way to lose weight is to join a gym and eat sensibly, it’s much more fun!

  4. Vegan_Mom said :

    I think the Special K thing is just a gimmick to sell cereal. I’ve read the ingredients of the cereals and am not impressed. Why would I want something that is made with seemingly white rice, partially hydrogenated oils (and/or other saturated fats), corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors? (As is most, if not all, of Kellogg’s cereals.) I’ve looked at their new granola and decided I would stick with Kashi Go Lean! Crunch. I get it for less than $2 when it goes on sale and I have coupons, and it’s healthier and quite yummy in oatmeal, or other cereals, just enough for a taste, as it is almost 200 calories a serving.

    I stick with eating whole, real foods. I try and avoid anything with white (enriched) flour, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and anything that looks as though it was created in a lab by humans and not in nature by God. I’m also very active, just by doing my regular activities. Today alone, just by cleaning and doing housework, I have probably walked a few hundred steps. Granted, some of them were deliberate, like taking five trips upstairs instead of just two or three. Or three trips to the basement, instead of just two. As it is now, I keep thinking I should get up and do more cleaning. (Being gone from essentially Christmas Day until yesterday caused a bit more clutter than usual.) There is definitely plenty I can do down here, and later, I hope to tackle things upstairs before our friends arrive tomorrow. (The more I can do today when my in-laws are visiting and will play with my daughter, the better.) I digress.

    If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. As it is, if commercials relied on people like me who can read between the lines, then almost nothing would sell.

  5. scorpiokisses1980 said :

    Special K plan is not a good idea. Look at it seriously. If you only eat 2 bowls of anything and one calorie controlled meal of 400-500 calories then you’ll lose weight. The cereal itself has saturated fats in it and you would be better eating more healthily and reducing your calorie intake while still eating sensible low fat high protein meals.

  6. Elaine W said :

    I tried eating Special K once but I found it just tasted like cardboard so I didn’t stay on it long enough to see if it worked or not.

    It would be better for you to change your eating habilts and lose the weight naturally, that way you will keep it off. The Special K plan is a very un-natural way of eating.


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