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How do I lose weight quickly without working out to much?

How can I lose weight quickly and without having to work out to much? I run 1 mile a day 2 days a week and bike 3 miles 4 days a week, and ride my horse almost 5 days a week. How many calories should I eat in a day? I want to lose 9lbs. I’m 5’8″, 144lbs, and have a athletic style body type. Help!

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10 Responses to “How do I lose weight quickly without working out to much?”

  1. answerbot5.2 said :

    genetically produce a species of velociraptors and threaten to unleash them upon the world until the united nations aquiesces to your demands, then unleash the raptors anyway and take control of the world, then you wont need the lose the weight, the weight will need to lose you because you’ll be to cool for it

  2. guyster said :

    Exercise has only limited effect. It’s mostly about diet.
    Avoid processed carbs and grains. Eat high nutrient food (fish, eggs, liver, meats) and veggies, fruits, nuts.

    I recommend the book “Eat Fat, Lose Fat”, as many people have the mistaken idea they should avoid fat in the diet.

  3. a said :

    ONLY eat when youre REALLY hungry cuz thats what i do and im 137pounds

  4. Jessie C said :

    Eat a lot less calories than you normally out, and cut out on junk foods especially foods drenched with extremely rich sauces since they are a huge cause of weight-gain. Also try eating more fruits and vegetables and eat less meat especially red meat. Limit intake on sodas, diet sodas, juices, red meat, cream, butter, milk, yogurt, and cheeses that are not low-fat especially brie cheese. Also do not eat fast food so much because it is really unhealthy for you, and reserve alcohol only for very special occasions. Not smoking is also a great way to lose weight, since smoking can kill you and cause weight-gain big time. However, the exercise part is fine the way it is. Just try eating healthier. That’s all.

  5. Tre said :

    3 Meals a day
    No more and no less
    Do Cardio as well
    It Helps to Burn off the Calories you eat in a day
    But i would suggest u not go over 1600 calories a day

  6. SP said :

    I lost weight simply by drinking water with my breakfast lunch or dinner. When I went out to eat I ordered a glass of water. If I got tired of water, I would squeeze some lemon in it for flavor..drinking water really does help. No soda!

  7. Money said :

    Use a non stick frying pan for your cooking so that you do not have to add oil. The golden rule is to try and avoid as much oil as possible and a non stick pan is the perfect solution to this problem.

  8. Fhgh said :

    God gave us teeth for a reason… Therefore we should develop a habit of chewing all food including liquid food and soft foods like sweets, ice creams at least 8 to 12 times. This is essential to add saliva to the food, as it is only in the saliva that sugar is digested. Often we find that whatever goes into our mouth goes down like lightning. We hardly give the saliva any time to act on the food. So does digestion take place like it should’ Do we just stuff our tummies with food that doesn’t get digested or in other words that doesn’t yield the benefits that it should’

  9. Opti said :

    Select an exercise pattern to suit your life style. All f us have different life styles and professions so there is no sense in trying to follow the book strictly. Try and follow an exercise routine that is suitable for you. You have to understand that even more important than the exercise it is sticking to it. So unless you choose something that can suit your life style, you are not going to stick on to it.

  10. Dan said :

    Hi Jackie,

    I think the key here is to remember that everyone has different needs and goals and our bodies are not cookie cutter. It depends on our lifestyle and what our daily caloric requirements are *just to function*. It sounds to me that you are quite active so you would likely need to monitor your food consumption – you don’t want to over eat but also you have to be careful not to under eat as you will definitely feel it in your workout and horseback riding.

    I have been told by many people in the nutrition field to constantly feed yourself- its better to provide your body the nutrition it needs on a constant basis rather than stick to 3 meals a day.

    I would spend time focusing on your diet. Eat lean cuts of meat, steam veggies (or eat them raw), and cut down on sugary beverages. Stick to water and tea.

    Remember that if you try to rush your weight loss then chances are your body will gain some (if not all) of it back over time. The best way to lose weight is gradually.

    Good luck!


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