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How can I lose weight quickly without developing a disorder?

I am 5′ and want to lose about 10 lbs. I work out 3 times a week, swimming, with some friends from swim team and I also take 2 ballet classes and one tap class. I don’t know if that would be enough for the exericising side of it or not. I need to know what kinds of foods to cut out and portion sizes.

I have heard that water helps people lose weight as well. In that case, should I be drinking more than 8 glasses a day?

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12 Responses to “How can I lose weight quickly without developing a disorder?”

  1. Fabian E said :

    jeezus dats a good work out i couldnt do dat lol i think dats plenty exercise but dont put to much strain on your body

  2. audlester said :

    Read this excellent article by Bethany Roberts called Top Ten Tips for Weight Loss

  3. DKHM said :

    Try K20, which is Kellog’s water, it’s either available premade in bottles or in little packets you can put in your purse. The water has a little bit of protein in it to take the edge off your hunger so you don’t fee so much like snacking between meals, or so much like eating a lot if you drink it before a meal.

    I love it, I think it’s the best thing since diurex.

    Other things I’ve found that help are to compare the various meal replacement shakes (Boost, Ensure, SlimFast, Spirutein, Fiber35Diet, even Myoplex and Whey Protein), and mix them with Soy Milk, sometimes Chocolate Soy Milk, sometimes even Hazelnut milk (if the mix is chocolate flavor, it’s great with Hazelnut milk). I use these to replace a meal, sometimes several meals a week.

    Of course I take a multivitamin and multimineral too to keep from running a deficit on anything.

    Since you’re 5′, it’s not hard for you to stay at a low enough weight for the dancer clothes. I’m 5’11” so since most dancer clothes max out at weight of 140 lbs, you can imagine how hard it is for me.

    Another hint is to always cary small bits of candy with you (Swedish fish, gummy bears, or hard candy), and eat small amounts of it during hard workouts. The small amount of sugar keeps your heart and brain from feeling starved and making you feel exhausted – which leads to huge carb cravings after working out. Not to mention it helps your stamina during workouts. It’s way more important than water.

    But you don’t have to take my word for it. Read up on marathon/sprint runners, etc in “The Lore of Running” by Tim Noakes MD. (Do I sound like Reading Rainbow? I love that show!)

    What some athletes do is drink a small amount of YS Bee Farms “Alive Bee Power” mixed into their water. It provides a little bit of sugar, and immune system support foods. You can buy small amounts of it and try it out. You only need something like this if you’re working out hard enough to make you tired, irritable, and prone to getting every cold that comes down the block.

    Drinking gallons of water is myth. Just drink enough. At least four 8 ounce glasses if you’re not exercising. At least 6 if you are. It doesn’t matter if the water contains something like coffee, or soda in it too. That’s a myth too. Research it yourself online. It’s easy enough to find the studies. Maybe start with

    What matters is that the water doesn’t bloat you. So keep a diuretic handy. Either diurex (Pamabrom), or the long-acting diurex (A combination of ingredients), or uva-ursi tea, or drinking coffee (IF you don’t drink it everyday). The important thing with water is to keep it moving. In, out.

    The best place for portion control is Weight Watchers. Truly there’s nobody who’ll teach it better.

    But while it’s important to know that in the long run, the fastest way to lose weight is to use a meal replacement shake. That’s because it’s mindlessly simple and easy. And you’ll have enough trouble with your appetite and managing your desires when you’re losing weight. Why add more dimensions like portion control to it? Add that later, after you’ve gained comfort with cutting down the calories.

    One step at a time. Portion control is the hard way. Slim Fast and its cousin diets are the easy way because there’s no thinking until later when you return to normal life. But by then, you’ve lost the weight, and you have an investment in keeping it off. It’s up to you which way you go.

    You can pick a planned liquid diet like Slim Fast, MediFast, or whatever, or you can just make one yourself with the tons of shakes out there and meal bars out there. You get more control over it if you make it up yourself.

    Good luck and I hope it works out.

  4. Bart M said :

    Amazing! Did you know that:

    8,000,000 or more people in the United States have an eating disorder. 90% are women. Eating disorders usually start in the teens but may begin as early as age 8!

    It’s healthy to watch what you eat and to exercise. What isn’t healthy is worrying all the time about your weight and what you eat. People with eating disorders do harmful things to their bodies because of their obsession about their weight.

    Bear with me… I’m doing a deep research on how you can lose weight quickly…and safely (without developing eating disorders).

  5. Pioneer said :

    Hey, it seems that you do a lot to cut your weight. That seems pretty good. But you could add a day more workout or swimming if you want. Drinking more water is essential during workouts because your body really uses a lot of water at that time. But it is also important at other times. Reducing fast food will really help you. You could also add (Yes, ADD) food with lot of fibres. They help burn calories while you are eating.

  6. Vanessa said :

    Cut out all processed and prepackaged food! Read the free article “How to Lose Weight” (link below) for more tips on what to cut out, what you should eat and portion control.

  7. Kyler J said :

    Ok. Your getting good exercise. But you need cardio. Try running for at least 30 min 3 days a week. Avoid high sugar foods, sugar is your enemy. Because sugar turns into fat. Im trying to loose weight fast myself and I swim too but swimming doesn’t really burn like you need it too. Running. And look up yoga.

  8. agHa said :

    Just avoid this kind of food:
    *cold drink (included cold freshwater, believe me!!)
    *fastfood (max once a week)
    *junkfood (max once per 2 weeks)

    recomended food :
    * white part of an egg
    * red part of meat (beef)
    *white part of meat (chicken)
    *drink a glass of coconut sugar water (serves warm, believe me!!!)
    *Fiber rich food

    *try to reach your own knees with your mouth evryday while your legs strecthed (to stay elastic)
    *routine exercise with proffesional personal trainer

    try this product (it has guarantee) :

    hope that helps you..

    see ya!!

  9. Else C said :

    Maybe you can try diet pills. I’m using one and it’s help me very much. Some people say that diet pills are dangerous but this one is not because it’s made of natural ingredient. Just try it i recommend

  10. CrZyDuMMerHEAD said :

    I found some great ways to lose weight fast. You can find them on my blog:

  11. Sarah Myers said :

    If you want to lose weight and get in better shape go alkaline!!!! seriously I’ve been on a pure alkaline diet for 10 yrs now I’ve never been healthier or in better shape.

  12. Bluestar said :

    The Ultimate way to really loose weight is to detoxify the body first. that is really what kicks the body out of sync in the first place. Loosing weight is easy, it’s KEEPING that weight off where the problem comes in. When the body is put through a cleanse first then the weight loss challenge is much, much improved. Myself and some friends of mine have had some very good results with the program at this website= One of the best parts about it also is that it is risk free. If your not satisfied 100% they offer a money back guarantee. In other words, one has nothing to loose but pounds!
    Good Luck.


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