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how much weight can one lose on soup diet?

Ok I have a wedding in 3 months I only need to lose 18lbs so if i were to have special K for breakfast and a soup and a wheaten roll with cheese and stuff how much weight would I lose? Ok I know its not healthly but its only temporay but if i was strict like that for 2 wks then added a bit more would I lose it? I know keeping it off is another issue, im just asking about would I lose it in 3 months?

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6 Responses to “how much weight can one lose on soup diet?”

  1. Love to Help said :

    Entirely depends on the soup/portion size etc. If I were you, I’d forget the diet (but still watch what you eat), and go to Bikram (heat) yoga. I have been to 6 sessions now and have lost almost a stone in the space of a month!!!It’s brilliant!

    If you will still be dieting, make sure you get enough nutrience etc to keep yourself going, and dont cut down on the important things your body needs like iron, protein, vitamins etc.

    I eat a weetabix for brekkie, then have an apple as a snack, then beans on toast for lunch, followed by a banana/grapes, then a balanced tea, and my weight has dropped off me!you dont need to starve yourself to get thin!

  2. Missy H said :

    You could lost that amount of weight in that time without going to drastic measures.

    Cereal for breakfast good – have skimmed milk.

    Lunch could be a jacket potato with a healthy filling and pleanty of salad. Fruit as snacks, pleanty of water and well rounded meals.

    Soup is great. Use as much veg (other than potatoes) as possible. Freeze portions for emergencies!

    A good weight loss is around 1-2lbs a week. Losing it like that means it’s easier to keep of. You have pleanty time.

  3. apple said :

    if i were you i’d cut out the wheat roll and cheese you’d lose more then and i’d stay strict til the wedding get ome great photos then scrap the diet

  4. Lulabelle said :


    Well, say that a Special K is about 300kcal and then a tin of soup is 200kcal and then a roll, marg and cheese would be 250kcal – you’d be consuming about 750kcal per day.

    So you’d be losing approx 1250 kcal per day so in 2 weeks that would be 17500.

    So that is 5 lbs of weight in 2 week.

    You have to remember that this does not include drinks.

  5. Jamie-lee A said :

    Probably quite a lot of weight, but do bear in mind that once you come off that diet and start eating ‘normal’ again that weight will soon pile back on as quick as it fell off, and it’s not really healthy to be living off soup. You need a balanced diet.

  6. dieting slimming said :

    Sounds like a crazy diet to me! You would be better off eating a normal and varied diet, but with smaller portions, and doing lots of exercise. This will make you feel great for your big day, where as I suspect your suggested diet will leave you feeling drained and weak!


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