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How much treadmill do I need to do to lose weight?

I follow a healthy, low fat diet and have just begun to run on a treadmill at home. I typically run on the treadmill at 4-7mph for 45 minutes per session (I am a beginner). So far, I am not losing any weight. How much of this do I need to do in order to lose weight? I weigh 105pounds and my target heart rate is 98-166. Thanks.
I’m 5’3″ tall

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5 Responses to “How much treadmill do I need to do to lose weight?”

  1. Georgia Girl said :

    You probably don’t have any weight to loose! How old and how tall are you?

  2. BrandyJo said :

    You need to tone at this point. Get off the tread mill and start with weights and then switch back to the treadmill a bit then back to the weights.

    Remember muscle burns fat so at this point you need some muscle to burn off those extra pounds that you want to burn.

  3. stayfit_4life said :

    How tall are you?How much weight do you want to loose?

  4. FireWalker6 said :

    105 you are already below your ideal body weight. Unless that your only 3 ft tall. Sit down with a professional at a hospital. All of them have a diet ad visors. They can give you step by step program to maintain or even put you back into your ideal body weight. having to much is as bad as being under weight. You can inhibit your body to fight off infections , flu or repair it self. Seek professional help.

  5. Ray said :

    sorry i dont think you need to be on a treadmill . i think you should focus your energy on toning up your body. i think your at an ideal weight


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