How come i hav lost so much Weight?

I don’t exercise,or have a balanced diet…
But i do have a weird diet!
-Corn flakes then a cup of tea and sandwiches

-soup and a potato for dinner

Snacks; soup,milk,apples

Supper:corn flakes or sandwiches

and then sweets through out the day!!!

Its been like this for ages and i just noticed this Morning i had lost weight!!!!!!!
I thought i would have put some on!!

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5 Responses to “How come i hav lost so much Weight?”

  1. Charlene said:

    How much weight are we talking here?

  2. baby_face_paris said:

    Your diet isn’t high in fat but prpobably high in calories. You must be aware that is is seriously lacking in other areas though! It is not balanced and quite unhelthy. This won’t be great in the long term. You need more fibre and protein.

  3. soooo! said:

    that’s what i eat too, it might be our metabolism. or you can just not be eating all the calories you need for that day, and you burn more doing your daily thing.

  4. Mossy Jan said:

    you need to look if you have any health symptoms like excessive thirst, abdo pain etc. Weight loss without dieting could ne a sign of a medical condition such as diabetes . It may be advisable to go see your GP

  5. Kusha said:

    it’s either you have some unnoticed disease or you are growing if you are an adolescent or even kid.


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