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How much weight will I lose if I start to jog and do weight watchers?

I want to lose weight but I am not all about that diet pill stuff. I tried weight watchers before but I was really busy with getting things ready for my wedding that it was the last thing on my mind to eat right.
If I do weight watchers and run/gym how much weight do you think I would lose in about 2 weeks?

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5 Responses to “How much weight will I lose if I start to jog and do weight watchers?”

  1. m w said:

    how much do you weight????

  2. Alex said:

    It depends on how much you’ll potreblyatkalory. If you will be consuming fewer calories than you’ll spend time lose weight – There are a lot of useful information

  3. iere c said:

    everyone body is different. Remember too if you decide to exercise you have to use your activity points calculator to determine how many extra points you get for the day. But everyone’s body loses weight at a different rate. Someone who jogs everyday while on weight watchers for two weeks could lose 5 lbs where are someone else could lose only 2. A bunch of different things factor into this including what you are eating everyday, how much activity you are doing, how fast your body reacts to exercise (some people need to exercise only days before seeing results while others need to exercise a month before seeing results) how fast your body gains muscle mass, how much water you are drinking, how much water your body retains after exercise and so on and do fourth so there is no way of knowing how much you will lose but cardio IS the best form of exercise for burning fat. Just make sure you are at least doing moderate exercising meaning you are pushing yourself but not too hard (just hard enough that you start to sweat after about 10-15 minutes) and doing at least a half hour of exercise each time.

  4. Josh said:

    I found this is a good place to find info:

  5. Wii [EA]Active™ -PersonalTrainer said:

    You really don’t want to put yourself a goal that is way too intense especially for 2 weeks, because after the 2 weeks you’ll need to continue your workout to see results. If you don’t, you’ll probably gain all the weight back.

    Also, if you do plan to keep to losing weight for up to 2 weeks, make sure you maintain a steady diet and drink water…


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