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if i do this will i lose weight?

1 Hour of dancing every day (ballet/modern at home in my room..haha)
40-1hr walk every day

i try to go for walks everyday and i eat REALLY healthy but i feel like im not loosing weight. how long does it take?

breakfast: oatmeal w/ banana or cornflakes w/ fat free milk
snack: green tea, ice water, grapes, or slimfast
lunch: stir fried veggies or couscous or vegetarian chili or burrito or tostada
snack: ice wataaa

lots and lots of water + green tea and NO added sugars…will i lose weight?? and how quickly? (its how i normally eat anyway)
im 5’3 and 107. dont tell me i dont need to lose weight. just look at them thighssss. no stupid ‘you’re anorexic’..just people who’d like to help.
thank you <3

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One Response to “if i do this will i lose weight?”

  1. our battles said :

    yes you will gradually lose weight it may come off quickly or slowly depending on your body and how much exercise you did before this change. if you start losing a lot of weight quickly like 1 pound a day or more you should realize or know that this will slow and down and eventually stop and you will build muscle instead.
    also you may not lose weight where you want to so if you don’t try doing exercise that focuses on areas you wish to lose weight. also make sure you keep a healthy diet and don’t starve yourself or stop eating a certain amount of calories. I have done diets and eventually only ate 200 or less calories a day. I no longer felt hungry and it was not healthy so please make sure you don’t go under 1000 calories a day regardless if you are hungry or not. Also, see your doctor for some advice he may advise you to see a nutritionist which can help you plan your meals. Hope this helps!!!


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