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How fast do anorexic or bulimic people lose weight?

Say someone didn’t eat anything how fast would the lose weight? I’m worried about a friend of mine and i’m trying to determine if her weight loss is healthy or if shed developing an ED. Any hep appreciated pls

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3 Responses to “How fast do anorexic or bulimic people lose weight?”

  1. black_angel said :

    the 1st thing is that she will she a weight loss like 2-3 kg in the 1st days,,, but this is just the water from the body… the after this 3 kg the body will actually start to lose weight and by not eating a thing the body will not lose only fat , it will also lose muscle… and in the worse case the heart will be affected cause its also a muscle.. so tell ur friend to have healthy diet … eat less … weight the food, count the calories… look at this site and will help u and ur friend GOOD LUCK

  2. pho pho said :

    well, depends on how many calories she burns while not eating.
    but anorexic and bulimic ppl are aready unhealthy from the start.

    you should eat but watch wat you eat and how much.
    so by not eating, you would make your metabolism slower
    but that will also give u less energy for the day.

    so she should eat less with more fruits and veggies
    not starve herself…
    eat like celery, you burn more fat than u consume.
    or carrots where you burn the same amount as u consume

  3. Charis A said :

    That depends on what else they’re doing to lose weight. Some choose to go to the extremes and exercise as well as not eat or throwing up their food. Does she not eat when you guys go out or are at a party? Does her skin seem pale, rather than rosy or healthy looking? If her skin used to be a darker color and all of the sudden she looks pale then somethings probably wrong. I know because I used to be anorexic once and then about five years later I was bulimic. Its been a struggle ever since, but please don’t try to force your friend to eat. That never works because it will just make it worse. Try to talk to her and find out why she isn’t eating. It could be just depression or stress. But, you never know. I hope I was a help to you. I hope all is well with your friend.


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