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What should i do to lose weight fast before April?

I’m going down to Florida in April:)
I’m kinda of over weight and
i wanna lose about 30 pounds
or more (if possible)
Before i go and
and i want to lose weight fast.
and keep it off
Ive been going to the gym for about 3 weeks,
and I’m not seeing much results:(
what can i do to lose weight faster.
dose anyone know what i should do?

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10 Responses to “What should i do to lose weight fast before April?”

  1. surferbabi said :

    are you eating healthy? cuz thats something you have to do to lose weight. eat a lot of fruit and veggies and drink A LOT of water. goood luck!

  2. Trainer said :

    Make sure you are eating healthy and properly. Eat about 1500 calories a day of nutritious meals. Do not go long periods of time w/o eating because you will be very hungry and end up eating tons! As for the exercise..what are you doing? You could be gaining muscle and do everything right. It may just bee food for the problem. might need to exercise harder or find a different exercise. Try the treadmill or elliptical. If you get bored, find a fun sport to play with friends. Just be active and stay healthy!

  3. Msz.LaLa said :

    ok well first of all its good you’re taking initiative in exsersizing its february now you got time, change your eating habits like eat more healthier foods, they burn faster and makes you more energetic, if u don’t see much results in the gym maybe you’re not working to your full potential? cut down on all fast foods (mcdonalds, taco bell, etc.) and just try eating healthier

    sometimes cooking at home is healthier and you’ll feel more acomplished in doing so

    don’t diet, thats what i do and trust me its not worth it cuzz now i have an eating disorder and im taking pills for it you’re on the right track just try harder 🙂

    GOOD LUCK <3

  4. musicalcashews said :

    starving yourself wont work all too well since your body will automatically adjust and conserve energy in all ways before actually attacking fat cells of its own
    the best way to lose weight is to eat healthier foods, drink lots of water and persist in working out aerobically and intensively every single day.
    Make sure you dont get too stressed either. Stress makes your body conserve fat in (unwanted) areas such as your belly.

    why not try doing a daily routine (ex: go for a 15-45 min run in the morning/afternoons) and go on a lower calorie diet? (remember to drink lots of water!)

    good luck! i hope i helped!

    *also, remember, if you go on a diet/take pills those are really ineffective since all they do is make your body lose water.
    WATER is NOT = FAT. yeah, you might lose alot of weight, but you’re just getting shriveled up.
    so maintain a balanced, and healthy diet. and dont believe in dieting strategies. (most are very unhealthy for you)

  5. poolplayuh15 said :

    in my highschool in wrestling practice, i lost 20 lbs. and its easy to lose, just work up a sweat by running and do lots of cardio, I did this every day except for weekends.

  6. wandering_forever14 said :

    Make sure to drink water while working out. Also eat health about 1500 calories a day.
    Make sure to mix up your routine because if you do the same thing over and over again you won’t see results. Good Luck ^_^

  7. asianblade89 said :

    You shouldn’t think in terms of weight. you should focus more on form, since muscle mass weighs more than “fat.”

    if you want to burn “fat” then you need to burn calories. first burn the ones you eat per day then burn the excess…I found a chart below that may help.

    also, you may want to do a little bit of cardio to make sure your heart and lungs can keep up with your strenuous excercise. remember its not intensity, its duration…dont do 4 sets of 30 at 50lbs…you’ll wear out and your heart rate wont climb and you wont burn as much calories.

    What I would do is full body excercises, such as aerobics or swimming, the more muscles you have working at a time the more calories you burn, and with endurance, more time also means more calories.

    Good luck! and have fun too, cuase if you aren’t it really isn’t worth it.

  8. closetsandwich said :

    eat a lot of healthy food! i don’t know if you watch the show ‘you are what you eat’ but the people on that show usually lose about 2 stones in 6 weeks. eat a lot of vegetables and try to ignore sugars. exercise regularly and don’t eat too much carb.
    if you’re trying to lose weight on specific areas, like thighs or stomach, look for specific exercise routines.

  9. parekh81 said :

    On top of everything else here ….

    Control of your MIND is important. Very Important.

    Something simple is by visualising your goal. Visualise how you want to look. Drive your mind to your goal. Keep on visualising as often as possible.

    Also visualise yourself at gym, imagine working out and so on.

    And don’t let yourself get hungry. Eat before you feel hungry. That way you can control your diet.

    Hope this helps ….

    PS: Don’t stop gym! Even if you make yourself go for 10 mins. Just go no matter what. Even if you feel lazy … just go to the gym .. even if its just for 5 mins. But go to the gym. (i repeated it a bit too much didn’t i!!)

  10. Ivonne N said :

    Check out this site. They offer a free E-book on weight loss that might be able to help you.


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