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How many calories should i consume each day to lose weight?

I’m 15, at 5’5 and 130lbs.

I want to lose about 15lbs since i’m slightly overweight for my height/age. I’m really chubby and i want to be slender/model thin.

I know i need to burn calories and consume less calories everyday. I’m going to count calories from now on.

How many calories should i consume in order to lose weight?

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14 Responses to “How many calories should i consume each day to lose weight?”

  1. lucky.wilfred said :


    you will see results soon.

  2. dancer.darling said :

    the thing is with calories
    whatever goes in, must come out!

  3. rustynail said :

    less than 2,000 a day. a donut has like 200 calories. so watch carefully

  4. Stephanie G said :

    It depends on how many calories you burn each day. Just remember that to lose weight, you should burn more calories than you eat. But seriously, I don’t think you are overweight at all, and I would love to be your size.

  5. ironmtnangel said :

    Focus on exercising, first, if you want to lose weight. Once you build muscle your metabolism will naturally go up and you will burn calories faster. Crazy dance in your room to music.. whatever.

    Instead of worrying about the calories, try slowly incorporating simple (non processed) foods into your meals. If you do it drastically chances are you’ll end up failing. But if you do it slowly… you’ll have a better chance of succeeding.

  6. M T said :

    First, find your BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) using an online calculator. This number tells you how many calories your body uses to operate with no activity at all. One pound is 3500 calories, so 15 x 3500 = 52,500 calories. I would reccomend doing 2 pounds a week or so to stay healthy, because losing weight too fast is unhealthy. So subtract 7000/7 = 1000 calories from your BMR daily and try to hit that, INCLUDING exercise. So, for instance, if your BMR is 2000, then try to eat 1300 or so with a 300 calorie-burning workout.. or whatever works out.

  7. {(Anti Fangirl)} said :

    A,you are not over weight
    you are at a perfect weight for your height
    B.Around 1200 calories a day + an hour of excersize a day shoukd make you lose weight easily

  8. larien37 said :

    You should cut at least 500 a day from your intake. This usually results in a 1 to 2 pound loss a week. For a woman intaking between 1200 to 1800 calories a day is recommended for a healthy diet. If your not use to dieting cutting 500 a day is an easy way to start off and ease yourself into lessening your food intake. Moderation is key and portion control. Keep your metobolism up by eating 5 small meals a day if you can, if you cant just use moderation and portion control more during your meals each day. You should be doing at least 3 days a week of exercise, a mix between cardio (30 minutes) and light weight lifting will help you get slim and tone

  9. Uiuiuy U said :

    this is the age for u to eat…eat well….

    dont diet

    just go out and play some outdoor games with ur friend

    basketball etc etc

  10. rashi s said :

    you will get all ur health related problem’s solution from……..go on …..check out

  11. healthynut84 said :

    M T has got the answer. Randomly cutting your calories to 1200 (or some other number someone decides to post) is utterly stupid and can have serious health effects.

  12. CtetMoi said :

    Get your weight in kgs. Multiply your kgs x 1.56, this will tell you the amount of protein in grammes you should be eating per day.

    Also find out how many calories you burn (RMR -resting metabollic rate, men ave 2000 cals/day, women 1500).

    Then eat the right amount of protein, reduce your calorie intake 500 below your RMR and research shows you will lose 2lbs of FAT per week.

    Best to eat 4 – 6 small meals per day.

    Exercise wise, you need to do 3 20 mins sessions per week. Choose your machine, running, rowing etc. Do 5 mins at a gentle pace, then up your pace each minute for the next 4 mins, repeat this cylce. Then the last 2 mins the gentle pace to warm down.

    Combine these you’ll burn fat.

  13. Coach Paul said :

    Your body burns a certain amount of calories each day whether you exercise or not. We each have what is called a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This rate gradually decreases with age. To the BMR you add the total calories used during the day due to all exercise and activity, which gives you your Active Metabolic Rate.

    I am 6′, 170 lbs and 52 years old. My basal metabolic rate is about 1700 calories burned per day. To that number I can add whatever calories I burn during the day due to activity and exercise. That will tell me approximately how many total calories I will burn up in a day.

    Once you know this number you can eat however many calories you choose in order to lose, gain or maintain your weight. You burn about 3500 more calories than you consume to lose a pound.

    I have a page posted at my website that explains this further. You can also input your own info to see your own numbers as far as calories used in a day.

    Good health and good luck!

  14. Anshar D said :

    The Anshar Diet

    As an American I’ve seen enough crazy fad diets in my day to fill several weeks full of infomercials and advertisements. As such I’m going to give you the benefit of many years of health and nutrition classes and do my good deed for the year.

    I’m going to tell you how to not only lose weight but change the composition of your body, increase your health, and best of all.. keep it off.

    First, let’s dispel some common myths.

    Myth 1:
    Eating less calories will make me lose weight.
    Unfortunately this isn’t always true. A lot of different factors program your metabolism but one of the key things is how OFTEN you eat. If you fast all day long and then have a 500 calorie meal at the end of the day almost ALL of it will be stored by your body.

    Myth 2:
    I can have a diet with no carbs and be healthy.
    This really is a testament to how much Americans want a quick fix. Diets like the Atkin’s Diet cause your body to start devouring itself, increase your cholesterol, and in certain cases can even kill you. One thing I WON’T argue, death will indeed cause you to lose weight, permanently.

    Myth 3:
    If I go on a diet I will lose weight.
    99% of people who go on diets will end up putting on MORE weight than they lost from a diet. This is because diet is supposed to be a LIFESTYLE change, not something you do for 2 weeks. If you starve your body it will make fat cells and increase their size even faster.

    Myth 4:
    I need to go out and exercise to lose weight.
    This isn’t actually true but it’s important to say that having daily activities WILL keep you healthy. If you burn almost no calories every day what else do you think your body is going to do with them? Balancing a healthy lifestyle with a good diet is what you want here, not killing yourself by running every afternoon.

    Myth 5:
    The scale in my bathroom gives me a good idea of how healthy I am.
    The dreaded bathroom scale does NOT tell you how healthy you are. Let’s say I have 10 lbs of fat, don’t drink water, and have little muscle mass. Then I work out for 3 months and hydrate every day. I lose 5 lbs of fat but gain 7 lbs of muscle and 3 pounds of average water weight. What will happen when I look at the scale? Are you being fair to yourselves? Judge yourself by how you feel, not what a spinning number under your feet tells you.

    With these common myths out of the way I’ll tell you the secret. It’s five simple steps.

    ~~The Anshar Diet~~
    1. Only eat until you are no longer hungry.
    This does NOT mean that you starve yourself. It means after you take a few bites of food ask yourself if you’re still hungry. If you’re not, into the fridge it goes. While we’re at it, CHEW YOUR FOOD. at least 10 times per bite (using common sense if you’re eating applesauce, this isn’t an excuse to be an idiot).

    2. Eat at least 6 (more if your schedule allows) meals a day.
    I know this seems counterintuitive, but hear me out. If you eat 6-8 meals a day the meals are very small (often around 100-200 calorie “snacks”), provided you are only eating until you are NOT HUNGRY. When your body is not hungry your metabolism will not try to store energy as fat. It really is that simple. Smaller meals aid in digestion, they increase the nutrition you get from your food, and they keep you from being lethargic. If you eat when you’re hungry your body stores MORE of it as fat (“Hmm. I’m hungry, I don’t know where my next meal will come from! I’d better hold onto this.”)

    3. Eat BEFORE you get hungry.
    Schedule your 6-10 meals throughout the day and stick to them. If you’re waiting until you get hungry to eat you’ve already screwed this up. Your body stores energy if you’re hungry, if your body sees food and just takes what it needs then you’re running at optimum efficiency. This is called programming your metabolism.

    4. Eat breakfast. Always.
    Your first meal of the day is also the meal you have no choice over being hungry for. Your body has been replenishing itself all night and needs fuel. Since now you KNOW that hunger means you store your food then that means you want to keep breakfast LIGHT. A cup of cereal and a banana. A granola bar and an apple. LIGHT does NOT mean you skip breakfast. If you skip breakfast you are telling your metabolism to turn ALL of the next meal you eat into stored fat.

    5. Drink water.
    (I’m a big hypocrite on this one, but I can’t stress it enough) Most people think that if they pick up a glass of orange juice instead of a soda they’re doing themselves a favor, and that’s not entirely true. A glass of orange juice can have just as many calories as some sodas. Try looking at the label sometime. If you’re thirsty, drink water. If you love your soda then have your soda (real soda, not diet, artificial sweetners have been argued to be one of the worst things to ever happen to western civilization). If you decide to have a drink to treat yourself, pour yourself a half glass, don’t take a can or bottle with you and for go


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