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How many grams of fat should a woman trying to lose weight eat per day?

I have already lost 35 lbs and currently weight 187. I have 45lbs to go for my goal weight. I exercise 5-6 times a week and have been eating healthier than i used to. but I wonder, what is the amount of fat I could eat a day and still lose weight?

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5 Responses to “How many grams of fat should a woman trying to lose weight eat per day?”

  1. Kats D said :

    she should loose no more then 2 kg of fat a week
    if she looses more then that… then thats loosing muscle

  2. Anna J said :

    From what I hear its no more than 25-30 grams of fat.What plan did you follow to lose 35 pounds?

  3. gm0nk3y said :

    you have to worry about your fat, protein, and carb intake. You have to know that each gram of fat is roughly 9 calories and carb and protein both are 4 calories each. Calories are no magic numbers that just get smacked on the nutrition facts. Instead of worry about the grams of fat, you should take in healthy fats like flax seeds (make sure they are grounded like grounded coffee beans otherwise you won’t get the full benefits of flaxseeds) , fish oil, and olive oil. They are one of the best healthy fats that help speed up your metabolism. Plus they help you get better hair, skin, and nail quality too.

    First things first, for girls to maintain weight. Eat around 13-15 calories per bodyweight. Lets say 13 times your bodyweight (187) that equals to 2431 calories per day to MAINTAIN. Now subtract about 200 calories per every 2 weeks to lose weight heathily. Don’t go cold turkey and listen to ppl who tell you to eat 1000 calories per day, that is very dangerous. You have to slowly decrease your calorie intake, otherwise you will lose too much and look like you’re sick, which is very unhealthy. I hope this helps.

    Also sleep more helps your metabolism too.

  4. ★Kermit the Frog★ said :

    Recommended amount for loosing body fat is around 20-30% of the number of kcals you consume

    I.e. If you eat 1500kcal for best fat loss results you should aim to be only consuming 30-45g of fat.

    A big misconception is all fat is bad. You should avoid foods that are high in Saturated fats, generally Processed foods/Cakes/sweets etc

    You should try and fill the e.g 30-45g of fat with Good Fats

    The Best Fats you should eat would be:

    Fish (Tuna is great, as it has incredibly low amounts of fat)
    Soya Beans (Is a great source of Protein, again very good on the fats)
    Nuts: Nuts are considered Good fats, but only in moderation, as most of the are quite high in fat, Soya roasted beans is low in fat, and perfect for a snack.

    Typically most pulses and beans are good when replacing bad fats. e.g Red Lentils/Green lentils, Red Kidney beans etc

    All the Best & Take Care,


  5. MikaMonty said :

    I lost 70lbs in from 2006-07. I went to a weight mgmt clinic for help. They had me on no more then 30% fat to calories. So if you eat something that is 100 calories, it should have no more then 3 grams of fat (200 cal = 6grams, 300 cal = 9 grams). It is really easy to follow.


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