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Trying to lose weight as fast as possible, should I use protein?

I’ve heard protein was good to add to a diet. I don’t exercise regularly, so would the protein turn in to fat?
I walk for about 30 minutes a day.

So yeah, my question is, would protein (protein shakes in the morning, with breakfast) help me lose weight faster?

Or would it turn into fat if I don’t sweat during the day?


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8 Responses to “Trying to lose weight as fast as possible, should I use protein?”

  1. Sunfrog said :

    It would make you bigger. Ride a bicycle for 1 hour a day all week and stop eating fatty food. Eat the food pyramid, which is basically cereal for breakfast and veggies for dinner. Meat one day a week. Not sugary cereal, get the granola kind. To lose weight Google bicycle racing diets. Bicycle riders have to be as lean and strong as possible without being bulky.

  2. David Jonz said :

    It would increase your appetite in the mornings. For the reviews and results on what is working best with no side effects go here now : or

    We’ve both lost 10 or more pounds in less than a month with increased energy and metabolism!

    It takes burning 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound. If you burn 500 more calories than you eat in a day for 7 days straight then you just burned 3,500 calories = 1 pound.

  3. Kyle said :

    protein will not do anything for your body with the goals you have. protein is used in the fitness world mainly to repair shredded muscle after a workout and increase the speed of recovery. your body naturally needs protein everyday, so you will become healthier, but you will not lose any weight. any unused protein will exit the body through urine.

    what you are looking to do is eat less and run more. that is the only way to lose weight. i hope this helps!

  4. cb. said :

    protein is know for building muscles, and the more muscle mass you have, the more caliores your body burns. if you do nothing and just sit around, adding protein will not help. it also says trying to lose weight as fast as possible. if you dont exercise regularly, then dont expect fast results, losing weight and maintaining it off is not something that happens over night, you gotta want it. start working out, add lean protein, (google it if you dont know what lean protein sources are) and cut back on carbohydrates such as breads, pasta, and fruits that are high in sugar.

    follow this and you should be losing weight in no time 🙂

  5. This, That, and the Other said :

    Any unused food will turn into fat.
    Doesn’t matter.

  6. ST said :

    Protein can be used as a supplement (Which is what most peopel are talking about above)
    But hello! Protein is produced in our body from eating protein sources! Such as meat, eggs, etc. If your not interested in using protein as a supplement, then jsut continue to eat a balanced diet of carbs, fats, and protein. You’d lose weight if you cut your calories by 500cal.

  7. jatin said :

    it would make u even more fat and big

  8. Ashlynn Banks said :

    This is the weight loss regimen I recommend. Its success is based on how the liver responds to sugars and starches- mainly, through a glycemic response that produces insulin. This is the primary principal to getting lean quickly.

    Some foods cause a spike in insulin production increasing ones blood sugar.

    You can find plenty of good research on this topic. And the numbers speak for themselves.

    You must avoid sugary foods- and high-glycemic index foods like white potatoes, white rice, breads (except pumpernickle) & pastas. Try Googling Foods with high GI to get a list of foods to look for.

    I wish you all the best.


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