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How to Lose Weight as Fast as Possible?

Hello Yahoo members, I am wondering how I can lose weight as fast as possible. What should I do daily? What about an exercise? I honestly don’t care how ‘healthy’ it is, I just want to shed a couple pounds. Thanks for everyone who helps!

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7 Responses to “How to Lose Weight as Fast as Possible?”

  1. Sand... said :

    it depends, couple of pounds is no big deal who weighs 200 pounds. Fastest way to lose weight is crash dieting. don’t eat lunch and dinner, no fats in b/fast. Add lemon, warm water and apple juices to your diet

  2. Lisa P said :

    Start moving – walking, swimming, cycling, rowing, mountain climbing – whatever. Preferably something that you enjoy.

    get your metabolism high by eating regular healthy small meals, drink lots of water

    get rid of junk foods, stop drinking alcohol. if you really want to lose weight as fast as possible,check the link below

  3. smahadevan39 said :

    Slow and steady procedure to weight reduction is better and is long standing.
    Do not follow any crash method and spoil your health.
    educe carbohydrate intake and substitute with fruits, vegetables, grains. Avoid bakery items, ice cream, fried food etc. Exercising, fast walking, doing tough house hold work, playing tennis etc will help.

  4. Nasreen said :

    Hi Dear,
    Do exercise and lot but do not consume more food, as you are exercising. Be strict about the diet and exercise hard. This shall help you to loose your dream pounds.

    All the best and work hard 😀

  5. . said :

    changing your diet to only healthy foods is the best thing you can do and will ensure you will lose weight if combine with walking everyday especially.

    you can eat how much you like if you stay within these 3 guidelines and still lose fat naturally and gradually. You should lose 10lbs each month on average. only steamed lean meats, eggs, healthy fruits ,vegetables, nuts, grains, & yogurt..2. drink only water, juice, & milk..3. walk or do some physical exercise 1-3 hour every day.

    (btw, recommend you also to buy an electronic food steamer ((Very cheap)) and a rice cooker as makes it very easy to prepare healthy meals ,,add a bit of olive oil and pepper, spices on top of steamed vegeatables, fish or chicken to add more taste if wish as these are healthy too.)

  6. fefe said :

    To long to write it all here but I found a great program that works.

  7. Hiro Brunelli said :

    If you are looking for fast diet program, you can use my program. I lost 8 pounds in one month. If you are serious about diet you must have a look this program. It is fast if you know right info to do diet. You can find more info from link below.


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