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Trying to lose weight fast any tips?

I need to lose weight, my parents pretty much express there disgust with my size. I play to sports and exercise but to little avail I am still over weight. Is there a diet or workout plan that will work fast. My friend suggested ephedrine and a Gym member ship.
I have half a bottle of a pill called anoretix a friend gave me.

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5 Responses to “Trying to lose weight fast any tips?”

  1. Rachel J said :

    try cutting sugar out of ur diet, and drink plenty of water! its working for me!

  2. Casey said :

    when I wanted to lose weight fast, I switched to an all fruit diet for a week, drank lots of water.. It cuts calories like crazy, and they are all good calories you are intaking.. It is a tough week, but manageable.

  3. Ronue said :

    Watch the carbs and sugar, up the water, protein, veggies and exercise. Try small meals maybe 5/6 times a day. Also be patient coz it takes time to lose weight, if you want to keep it off.

  4. Jack S said :

    How big are you. Weight? Height? Waist? Age? Anything? Cause if you’re just a few pounds overweight than your parents are just crazy and shouldn’t concern themselves with that. But if you are significantly overweight than yes, I have some ideas. But those ideas are different if you’re 5 pounds overweight as opposed to 50+ pounds overweight.

  5. joybird said :

    Ephedrine is not a good idea…the gym is, though. Go to “Google” and type in “Spot Reducing Diet” by Hermien Lee. It’s a book that I wish EVERY woman (and man) knew about. The easiest diet i’ve ever been on. One thing everyone wants in a diet is quick results…that’s what this “diet” will give you. It is basically a diet with all the healthy foods your body needs…just a matter of portion size and combination of the foods you eat. You will see results IMMEDIATELY!


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