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How many carbs should I eat if trying to reduce intake and lose weight?

I have tried low carb diet (on my own) before and have been very successful. I’m trying once again to lose some more weight using this method, but can’t remember how many carbs I was eating last time. I’ll be exercising about 30 minutes cardio a day and weights 3X a week. If you’ve got any ideas for low carb foods, let me know!

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6 Responses to “How many carbs should I eat if trying to reduce intake and lose weight?”

  1. albus severus-siriusjames potter said :


    I have studied exercising and weight-loss for fifteen years and the number one misconception is that you weight too much. Dont stop reading if you want a hot body. You are not trying to loose weight you are trying to loose fat . There is a big difference, I no girls that are 5ft weight 110 and have hot bodies. This is because they have muscle. So if you want to look better gain muscle and burn fat.

    OK now ill explain how:

    Now one day eat normally as you would and count the calories you ate. If you do not no the amount of calories of a cartain food look it up.

    Lets say you ate 2,000 calories
    the next day 1950
    then 1900
    then 1850

    cut it down slowly or else youll not loose weight and even if you do youll gain the weight back.

    But cutting down on calories dont cut it take sugary and fatty substances out of your diet.

    no chips
    no soda
    no cake …..

    Also increase the protein intake. Eat proteins with low fat like chicken, fish, egg whites, whey protein shakes are good. Most of all eat your fruits and vegetables . Do not eat to late because it is a fact that you do not burn many calories sleeping so you gain weight by eating before you sleep. Eat small frequent meals. Meaning eat 5 times a day of small meals example:

    when you wake up have a fruit (maby apple) and oatmeal
    then 2-3 hours later
    another samll meal and so on the best meal items,

    protein shake,
    gereen vegetables (salads) remember lots of dieters eat salad but ruin it by putting dressing. No dressing its not healthy.
    orange juice (healthy but no more than 1 glass daily)
    if you drink milk do not drink whole milk. fat reduced milk
    brown rice- no white rice

    high protein low carb’s. But do not be afriad of all carbs you need carbs like oatmeal, brown rice, pasta… just dont overload

    Also remember to walk 10 minutes after breakfast!!!

    You still have not done enought to loose weight

    You must EXERCISE!!!!

    ok i reccomend 10 minutes of walking every day after breakfast.

    and do extra exercises 5 days a week. This includes cardio. Most people think they can loose weight with just dieting. Nope you must do 30+ min cardio 5 days weekly

    Its is important to vary what you do and not let your body get too used to the exercises,

    Things to do for cardio:

    walk (fast)
    running stairs
    jumpring jacks
    jump ropes
    play sports (maby join a track team)

    I no a lot of girls think theyll become manly by working out but it shapes the body and maked you look better.

    So i reccomend working out 3- 4 days a week. This will tighten your buttox and chest. help create a flat stomach and get rid of flab on the arms and legs.

    Please workout–
    I reccomend working out no longer than 50 min 4 days a week. The reason 50 min is because when you lift weights after 50 minutes your body breaks down muscle for energy instead of fat so i usually go 45 min
    my schedule:

    thursday- chest and back
    friday- abs
    saturday- legs
    sunday- arms

    Follow every thing i said and youll loose weight. It is a slow process and unlike dieting these effects will be life- term without having to starve your self all you have to do is eat healthy.

    Stay motivated and even when you feel you cant loose weight and get muscle you can its a slow process.

    So it may take over a few months maby even a year.



  2. sixnutfury said :

    low carb is a great way to lose weight. i found a god balance. i cut out carbs after 3 pm. im getting good results without restricting what i eat really.

  3. rich2481 said :

    Muscle weighs more than fat so you need to decide what you want to lose, some belly fat or just weight,

    watch the carb intake, protein and bran take longer to digest and burn calories, carbs do not,, the body uses them for fuel but you want to burn your body fat, for fuel so cut down carb intake,

  4. lhee0726_gb said :

    Low Carb Dieting Tip
    Your rate of metabolism dictates how many calories you burn. Heredity, gender, age, body size. diet and nutrition, activity level, and your overall health factor in on determining how high or low your metabolism is. It is normal for metabolism levels to lower as a person ages. Because of this it is important to begin stepping up your exercise routines in your thirties and forties.

    Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

    Eat Regularly – Eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day will give you energy throughout the day–helping you to burn calories. Whereas, calories eaten during larger meals tend to get stored as fat.
    Maintain a Balanced Diet – Not only how often you eat is important, but your food choices are equally as important. Nurture you body with the appropriate balance of protein and carbs.

    Eating whole foods rather than processed food gives your digestive system a workout that burns calories. For example: choose an apple over apple juice.
    Workout with Weights – Building muscle mass will replace stored fat. As you build muscle tissue your metabolism increases.
    Don’t Forget Cardio – You need to get that heart rate up and breathe a little heavier. Twenty to thirty minutes of cardiovascular activity 5 days a week is recommended. Brisk walking or swimming are good. Or utilize exercise equipment (exercise bike, treadmill, or elliptical trainer)
    Fruits and vegetables are clearly an important part of a good diet. Almost everyone can benefit from eating more of them, but variety is as important as quantity. No single fruit or vegetable provides all of the nutrients you need to be healthy. The key lies in the variety of different fruits and vegetables that you eat.
    Some basic fruit and vegetable tips:
    •Try to eat more fruits and vegetables. If you need 2,000 calories a day to maintain your weight and health, aim for at least nine servings (4½ cups) a day.
    •Choose a variety of different fruits and vegetables. It’s easy to get into a rut when it comes to the food you eat. Break out and try a wider variety – include dark-green, leafy vegetables; yellow, orange, and red fruits and vegetables; cooked tomatoes; and citrus fruits.

  5. Hansum B Wundrful said :

    I think it’s under 20 or 30 grams a day. You can find out online at http://www.failed fad diet You say you’ve used this method before to lose weight but stopped. So it’s not a lifestyle plan of eating for you but rather a “diet” you go on and off as you feel the need. Same for exercise. Hmm interesting. From what I see here you need to up the cardio to 6-7 times a week. Three times a week is for maintaining not losing. Meat, butter , whole eggs, heavy cream, fish, fowl, shellfish except mussles and oysters. God I was miserable after 7 days of this nonsense and my breath??? yikes. Constipation, low energy, the feeling of food deprivation and then the quick weight gain once I stopped. But if it works for you good luck. hope the list helps.

  6. Bill S said :


    I’ve tried so many different diets in the last 10 years that I can say now, they don’t work!
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    Good luck!


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