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What’s the best way for an 18 year old male to lose some belly fat? ha ha?

Im not overly obese or anything just a little chubby in my belly lol and it would be nice to get rid of some of it. all though its not bad , i know its unnecessary lol man, i am cracking myself up typing this. Just some awesome advice?

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7 Responses to “What’s the best way for an 18 year old male to lose some belly fat? ha ha?”

  1. 360 Geek said :

    beat that meat, fuck that pussy, t-bag some girls mouth, and bust a nut on someone

  2. Jordan said :


  3. Happy Hunter said :

    Stop eating the candy, snack foods & soda. Don’t fool yourself by saying “a little bit will be OK.” It all adds up. Get some sugar free candy and diet soda.

  4. Genetics Manipulation said :

    work out and eat right

  5. Bobby said :

    start running and sweat a lot also do some situps

  6. John said :

    you just need to get some cardio going. Weightlossdiscs are excellent as they have no joint
    impact but great cardio benefit. You will notice your belly shrink!! Good luck!!
    here you can find a good weight loss disc

  7. Jesse said :

    Just run some laps a few days everyweek, ignore the junkfood, a few sit-ups and push-ups everynight before bed and you’ll be okay.


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