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How will i lose some fat around my belly, thighs and hips?

if i eat a couple of small meals a day and do cardio at least one hour a day how much weight will i lose in 2 weeks? will i notice the difference Right away? what are sopme healthy meats? i know i know ” you cant lose weight in one spot! you lose it all over”

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2 Responses to “How will i lose some fat around my belly, thighs and hips?”

  1. Sarah said :

    Actually, eating less will NOT help you.

    What you need to do is (stick to the cardio, yes) but also eat basically what you want. (include fruits and vegies too)

    What happens is, if you eat too little (around 500-1000 calories) your body goes into survival mode. Thus, getting rid of the ability to lose weight.

    So, eat around 1500-1800 calories per day AND do the cardio.
    In two weeks, you should lose around 5-10 pounds (depending on your weight.)

    Good luck 😀 (Oh, and loosing it in those specific areas, for belly-situps, thighs-splits exercises and leg lifts, hips- go on your side, put your hand on your hip (other on ground) and lift up.)

  2. christina said :

    i have a little problem i weight my self and it said that i am 140 and i need to go down and i do not eat alot but i drink coffee when i get up and some time when i do not drink coffee i eat like a pig sometime so what should i eat .like to day i want out than i came home around 12 or 1:00 i make my self some rice soup that do something els after that i went to meet my mom somewere and came home and went to work at 5:00.and i came home from work i am hungry so what should i do and what exercies should i do to lose the big ass and the thigh too


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