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What are some excercises to lose weight around your thighs?

What are some excercises to lose weight and tone your thighs? How many times a day should i do these excercises?

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6 Responses to “What are some excercises to lose weight around your thighs?”

  1. mane said :


  2. Lexxie said :

    when you get the answer, e-mail me.

  3. K said :

    squatting is really good.stand up and squat numerous time. it eally works. and leg raising. raise your legs side way. start low then as high as you can. then lastly, try to do swirls. like doing a holahoop. do it numerous time.

  4. HuyaHuya said :

    Fat will not come off your legs first unless it is where the body stores it fat first.

    You must lose fat throughout your whole body.

    You can use exercise to tone the area if fat is already disappearing from the area. You cannot reduce fat from one area alone for future reference.

    Try squats and leg presses. A few other ones to help with your gluteal area would be to use a hip abductor and induction to tone the whole thigh area.

  5. Ayssa said :

    run, squats, swimming

  6. Manoj C S said :

    Do any cardio. Swimming, Walking, Jogging, Running, Skipping (Jumping Rope), Cycling, anything. Just get your butt off that seat and work out. Also lift weights and build muscles. Because muscular bodies tend to burn fat faster. Working out once a day is sufficient. But be regular. Do it atleast 4 times a week. 6 times a week is best. Give one day a week rest.

    And for the thighs, squats are wonderful. Do as many as you can without getting sore. Do them everyday. And give one day rest per week.


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