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How can I lose the fat around my belly, my butt and my thighs?

I go to the gym every day but sundays. And I have made a plan on losing weight. And does the treadmill and bike help lose fat around my butt my belly and my thighs?

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7 Responses to “How can I lose the fat around my belly, my butt and my thighs?”

  1. latinprincess875 said :

    Cardio is the best way and add strength training too

  2. ruby(: said :

    do exercises like crunches, leg lifts, and etc. also running is the best exercise.

  3. mary p said :

    If you go to the Gym and work out should not have fat in those places. Yalk to your trainer..evidently you are not doing the right exercises.
    Do stuff that ceneters on your hot spots. HUGS!!

  4. Jen S said :

    Squats for your thighs, crunches for your abs…

  5. Jeff D said :

    There is NO WAY to spot fat reduce (except liposuction) if you want to lose fat in those places you have to reduce your overall body fat percentage. However you can tone the muscles in those areas which can make the fat not so noticeable.

  6. ~Secretrose~ said :

    how’s your diet? what are you eating? you can work out regularly but if your eating is not on point you will not loose weight period!

  7. Eric D said :

    You cannot spot reduce. However, if you increase your level of cardio fitness, then you’ll burn all over. For women, the first place you gain and also the first places you should lose will be the BELLY, BUTT, and THIGHS. Hope this helps.


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