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How do I lose weight fast while having huge breasts?

I am 5′ 4″ with a 40 H cup! I am struggling SOO much with losing weight as my boobs are so heavy ( 25 extra lbs) that it hurts to run and even walk sometimes while working out. Any supplement ideas or work out tips for me?? I want to lose weight before I get a breast reduction. God just decided he wanted to store my fat there and am not that big of a girl. HELP ME PLEASE!

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14 Responses to “How do I lose weight fast while having huge breasts?”

  1. Efren said :

    I had way too much fat in all the wrong areas until I used colon cleanse, I know they say that pills don’t work, nevertheless they certainly worked for me, and they’ve been showcased on CBS News too. There is a free trial going on at the moment at , give it a try, why not?

  2. Nelly13 said :

    Water Aerobics helped me when I got started. It gets your heart rate up . It can be very physically demanding workout without the backache. I wore a sports bra or regular bra under my swimsuit.

  3. hassanjamil20 said :

    Lose weight no exercise and Pills needed
    Diane Kress,
    a registered dietitian and weight-loss specialist, has helped thousands
    with Metabolism B lose weight—and keep it off—with her revolutionary,
    scientifically based program. Download PDF here

  4. Joe said :

    Hey, try Bromalite colon cleanse. It will keep your assets intact. Bromalite is one of the most preferred colon cleanse on the market. It has a natural composition which has probiotic and antioxidants to create a feeling of wellness. It helps reduce fats and help to discard the harmful deposits from our body without any side effects. You can try it.

    It helps you to lose weight and at the same time feel more relief & relaxed after its regular use.

  5. Wisedom said :

    Several month ago I’ve tried a system that helped me to lose weight 100% naturally and healthy.Here are my results.

    1st week – 6 lbs
    2nd week – 12 lbs
    3rd week – 13 lbs

    You should try it.


  6. Additionrms said :

    Well to answer your question it would take ime but here is a workout or thing that might help :

    1)Stop eating and excercise intensely. (time consumed: about a week, maybe)

    2) Dehydrate yourself. Do not drink any water, and you can lose up to 10 pounds (time consumed: a day or two)

    3) Get lipo-suction (time consumed: idk, i guess a few hours)

    4) Cut off a limb. (time consumed: instantaneous)

  7. downasClipscoach said :

    If you want to lose some weight fast, this can help you!

    My wife lost over 60 pounds last year through eating the right things. She has an extremely bad back and is unable to exercise at all. All of the weight she lost was through proper dieting alone.

    I had her feed me according to the same diet and I lost 30 pounds in about 16 weeks, but I also exercised.

    My wife did it through a diet center that she paid quite a bit of money to. Of course, she got supplements and stuff through them that I couldn’t get.

  8. Andintheearly said :

    Obesity has become a major health problem around the world. Many companies have brought diet pills, medicines, powders and weight-loss belts in the market. Though these products claim to aid weight-loss, the weight reduction is temporary. Besides, the pills and powders can adversely affect your health. Here we offer you some tips to reduce weight successfully, without any negative health effects.

    1 Reduce fat intake:
    2 Reduce intake of sugar:
    3 Decrease alcohol consumption:
    4 Stay away from processed, fast and junk foods since they are laden with fat and sugar.
    5 Reduce quantity of food without going hungry:
    6 Adopt regular eating habits:
    7 Raise the amount of physical activity:
    8 Learn a new hobby or interest:
    9 Improve your metabolism by eating natural foods:
    10 Control your appetite:

    Hope this can help u. 🙂

  9. Content said :

    you need to find an exercise and eating (notice I didn’t say DIET) plan that works for you;

    You also need to find a strenuous physical activity that you actually enjoy, it might just be walking.

    Pretty soon your friends will be asking you for advice!

    – Healthy life every day!
    Good luck, you can do this!!

  10. Michael said :


    I’ve been losing a lot of weight lately thanks to this new weight loss product I’ve been taking. It is absolutely extraordinary. I strongly suggest you atleast give it a try, if it works this well for me then it might work for you. You can try it completely free, just go to the link below:

    Good luck 🙂

  11. kjs1975 said :

    hello there!
    i used to yo yo diet lit it was nobody’s business (that is all i ever did). but here’s a good site that really helped me out. It showed me what I was doing that i could change it and meet with succuss.
    good luck

  12. The Wild Man said :

    try the Lil Jack excercise video it really works

  13. Lillian said :

    Before I tried Acai Berry Select, I had a big gut & a flabby chest. My friends use to joke around and tell me that I needed a bra. Now I’m ripped and feel great. you can try here:

  14. Sharon said :

    I would recommend the Enell Sports Bra designed for larger breasted women. This bra will hold you in place so you can concentrate on your workout without your chest in the way. This will improve your workout and improve your results. It is on sale here:


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