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What’s an easy way for a lazy person like my to lose weight fast?

I’m a very lazy person…I can’t stay on diets and I’m too lazy to go jogging and stuff. How do I lose weight (primarily in the thighs and belly) without having to go through a million changes in my diet and daily life?

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10 Responses to “What’s an easy way for a lazy person like my to lose weight fast?”

  1. matt said :


  2. Stacy M said :

    Come up with the cash to have lipo. Losing weight is not easy, diets and exercise are the best, and healthiest way to drop unwanted pounds. Sorry! Quit being lazy, that is more than likey how you got in this position in the first place! Get moving!

  3. movie lover said :

    stop being lazy. the lazier you are the more weight you gain

  4. Mark said :

    exercise or cut your calorie intake down to below what your body needs to stay at your current weight, can help. If you cut your calorie intake down you will lose weight fast

  5. rhnnhightower said :

    try eating a fruit and lay off the sweets and try to shop smarter and try to do some exercises

  6. ncorona said :

    u can’t. STOP BEING SO LAZY. if ur not determined to lose weight u wont.

  7. Nikki said :

    Well….I’m lazy as well but I do jog and stuff since I have P.E. in school. I usually eat junk food but, I’m still skinny. For you I might suggest to lay down on some big foods like junk food and don’t eat so much of a dinner, lunch, breakfast..etc. I don’t think you’ll need to jog and stuff. Maybe you could eat alot or little vegetables, fruits? Ohh.. and don’t try a weight loss program, I don’t think it will work and you’re just spending your money? Good luck!

  8. Jack said :

    LOL!! Thats funny. At least your honest. Eat right and eat a reduced amount of calories.

  9. greeneyes said :

    Well, you are asking for a miracle almost. If you spend a lot of time (30 min or more) watching TV, do floor exercises for those areas either during commercials or vice versa, this way it doesn’t seem like you are working out. Good luck!

  10. TaVaHoM said :

    5Times a Week Walking 10-20Min Eat Healthy Food


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