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Whats the best exercise to do to lose weight fast?

What exercise can i do if i want to lose 20 pounds in 2 months or less? I dont want to build muscle just lose weight for now. I’m open for any suggestions

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5 Responses to “Whats the best exercise to do to lose weight fast?”

  1. PK said :

    Cycling at an average of 20 mph will burn 700-800 calories an hour.

  2. orange blossom honey said :

    try running or pilates.

  3. Bern said :

    any type of cardio…..walking, running, cycling, swimming, dancing.

  4. sweethang165 said :

    You shold STOP eating a lot of junk and exerzize.

  5. Kathy R said :

    I use 5 lb. hand weights and do a series of arm lifts while laying flat on the floor. Lay flat on your back, arms over your head and slowly lift your arms above your head and slowly lower. Do that 10 times. Then lay your arms down to your side, life slowly until parallel with your shoulders and slowly lower, ten times. Same thing with your arms straight out, like a cross position, again slowly bringing them up parallel with your shoulders 10 times. Do this every day and you should see results within a month. Remember to keep your abdominal muscles tightened and your back flat on the floor.


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