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what’s the best exercise to loose weight fast?

okay I’m 13 and I want to loose like 10 pounds in like 2 weeks. so I need to know what a good exercise is that burns fat really fast. and how long do I do it for to loose about a half a pound or pound.

and do you have any ideas on how to loose double chins or cheek fat or whatever?

and please don’t say * you don’t need to worry about your weight. just eat healthy*

please and thank you!

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8 Responses to “what’s the best exercise to loose weight fast?”

  1. momma said :

    running but 10 pounds in two weeks seem like a lot to loose in such little time. You can also go on a 1200 calorie diet.

  2. checkmex said :

    Running and eating 5 to 6 meals a day healthy meals try not to eat a lot of milk or meat

  3. ★ MysteryDayDreamer★ said :

    running 30 mins and free weights 30 mins a day

  4. Jonathan K said :

    having sex burns ALOT of calories… u should try it

  5. Melissa said :

    Walking fast, joggins, or running.

    If you want to lose fat you need to focus on eating healthy and getting any kind of exercise you can. Do not crash diet or starve yourself for periods of time because what happens is your body goes into starvation mode and you actually store fat and calories because your body thinks you will continue to starve it even after you begin eating again. It is a vicious cycle. Losing weight means eating healthy, exercising, and speeding up the metabolism by teaching your body it will be fed good food when you are hungry. Maybe eat smaller meals more often throughout the day to increase metabolism and reduce overall hunger.

    Don’t drink soda. Don’t drink diet drinks because the aspartame is linked to weight gain. Drink lots of water to clean out your system. Good luck. Take it slow and the weight loss will stick.

  6. baller said :

    To lose 10 pounds i think you should start to eat healthy, excersice regularly. To excersise try doing pushups, situps, and running about a mile.

  7. serendipity said :

    lots of cardio anything that will make you sweat a lot
    keep your heart rate in your fat burn zone

  8. lexxy :) said :

    running, definitely.

    60 mins of workout per day at least.

    some fun workout is pilates. theres a variety of exercises and its a lot of fun.

    and as for your double chin/cheeks question, i think that the only way to do that is to start thinning out first and it will definitely show in your face.

    also, to keep your bones healthy, theres this drink called fuse. it has antioxidants that keep your bones from deteriorating. they have great fruity flavors and also green tea. lots of vitamins and stuff. if you were to drink anything other than water, id reccommend this


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