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whats the best way to lose weight fast and get a toned tummy?

i am going on spring break in about 5 weeks…
right now…im looking kinda flabby, its like i have too much skin on my stomach…so i need to have a tighter stomach…losing some fast pounds would be great too =]

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6 Responses to “whats the best way to lose weight fast and get a toned tummy?”

  1. special!!! said :

    If you eat fast foods or junk food, try to cut down, eat fruit and vegetables instead and homecooked stuff instead of eating out. And excercise, run if you like that, or find excercises on the internet and do them.

  2. Luv2Kick said :

    You know this is something that takes time. You need to do it the healthy way or you will look sick or cause harm. Stop eating junk food, sweets, cokes, and drive thru. Start eating lots of fruits and veggie and lean protein. Make sure to do LOTS of cardio. 1 hour per day of fast walking, jogging, jump roping, or any kind of other activity. Then incorporate abs for at least 15 minutes a day. Do this for 5 weeks non stop and then let me know.

  3. Tex S said :

    You did not gain it fast therefore you can not expect to lose it fast. A proper diet and regular exercise is the only sure way.

  4. lefisheye said :

    running will help. and sit ups.

  5. Melvin said :

    You have loose skin on your stomach because you are losing weight and not toning.

    1. You donot need to lose anymore weight.
    2. Eat balanced diet and do toning exercises for your stomach.

  6. nico said :

    a diet high in protein- chicken fish.. and cut out most carbs and dairy. lots of cardio workout like running..drink lots of water and do heaps of situps worked for me!!


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