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What’s the best way for a teenaged girl to lose weight fast?

My weight is abolutely unhealty. (no kidding)

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13 Responses to “What’s the best way for a teenaged girl to lose weight fast?”

  1. Wai said:

    Eat less (but make sure to still eat) or eat healthier foods and try to work out or go for a walk instead of sitting, watching TV, or sleeping. You can lose a lot of weight in that matter within a month.

  2. J&C H said:

    Quit eating so much.

  3. Lonzdale said:

    Eat your food in the right proportions, don’t eat when your not hungry, and excercise, and don’t get it lodged in your head that you’ve got to be skinny like kiera knightly for example

  4. seven242003 said:

    give up soda

  5. Perplexed Music Lover said:

    Just follow the advice contained in the name of the category you posted to here at Yahoo! Answers…diet and exercise. If you want to lose weight fast and you are significantly overweight, you need to consult a doctor before you begin a weight loss program, to ensure your health and safety.

  6. siva1013 said:

    in an determeinat way to get ur solution and for lo g dsitance try hard in an smart so that u can reach ur place as soon as ossible s

  7. WhoKnows?1995 said:

    there is no way to lose weight fast–healthy way.

    I’ve lost the same forty pounds ten times and all i get is older.

    South beach diet makes a lot of sense to me. The second phase makes the best sense. The key is to stick to it. I wish i would.

  8. Nikki H said:

    Get involved… I was heavy all througout my teen years but I joined softball and cross country running and at first believe me it was hard but soon it starts becoming more fun and less work… you gotta get up and get involved hun……

  9. Golfgirl said:

    Drink alot more water, go to the gym and work out, get active and watch what you eat.

  10. andrea s said:

    Diet and exercise are the only way to lose weight. I believe in eating everything IN MODERATION. fad diets are only a temporary fix. If you truly have alot of weight to lose cut your calories to 1200 per day….NO LESS. Check out Denise Austin’s website fitness forever for sample daily menus. ANd exercise.

  11. casablanca1887 said:

    no carbs or soda .eat salads ,steamed veggies and chicken breast,and if you want somethin sweet eat a bowl of pineapples or watermelon.i seriously wish you alot of luck cause your so determined.

  12. hu h said:
  13. Susan S said:

    To lose weight, a person has to reduce the calorie intake by some amount by modifying their diet. A diet without sufficient nutrients will only increase the appetite of the person trying to lose weight. Since most people combine a diet with an exercise plan, additional nutrients are required for the growth of muscles required to increase the metabolic rate required for long term weight loss. More information available at


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