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What is the best cardio to lose weight fast?

Would you suggest running was the best form to lose weight fast? If not, then what is?

::excluding any diet drug supplement. Just pure working exercise here::

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8 Responses to “What is the best cardio to lose weight fast?”

  1. Stephanie D said :

    i would suggest swiming. its a very easy sport which u loose wieght and create muscel in your legs and arms.


  2. j h 78 said :

    Hiit. (Nine times more effective at burning fat than regular running according to one study:

    Nutrition is the major part of it though. Get your carbohydrates mainly from leafy vegetables and some fruit (not from bread, pasta, rice, cereal). If you don’t do this, whatever you do exercise-wise won’t count for anywhere near as much.

  3. Izze said :

    Swimming is probably the best, since you use your entire body.

    But, yes, running is a wonderful way to get some cardio in.
    Just remember to buy some good running shoes. :]

  4. emazen_au said :

    Running works for me but ease into it by walking first and every now and then jog for a bit. The rowing machine is really good cardio, low impact as well as swimming. Depends whatsmore convenient for you and what you enjoy.

  5. Venom721 said :

    Its a good idea to do interval training instead of long tedius excersises to burn fat and ultimatley weight. studies have shown that through interval excersises like jump roping or sprinting burns fat HOURS after you are done working out.

  6. Ryan said :

    I’ve found treadmills and ellipticals to be good, but only if you’re eating right. I’ve tried several diets and strategies, but the only thing that worked for me was to closely track my intake in terms of calories, and in terms of fat/protein/carb breakdown. There are a couple rules of thumb, such as 30/30/40 (f/p/c), staying away from trans fat as much as possible, and that sort of thing, but the biggest gain for effort I got was by calorie tracking, figuring out what my daily burn was sedentary, adding on any gym work I did, then trying to hit the total less 1000 calories every day. Also, never, ever, have fewer than 1500 (you should check this for females), and drink as much water as you can (I try for at least three quarts, sometimes more than a gallon a day).

  7. $3xy pr!n(3$$ said :

    running and swimming works your whole body


    lose 9lbs every 11 days guaranteed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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